TALK SHOW HOST NEEDED: I Got the Drop on This Earlier…

TALK SHOW HOST NEEDED: I Got the Drop on This Earlier…

M.D. Wright



Experienced hosts, on air personalities please submit to this casting.


Where: Ripley-Grier Studios

520 8th Ave FL 10F

New York, NY 10018

When: Wednesday 10/26 and Thursday 10/27 Times will be given once submission is reviewed.

Talent Needed: Males/Females 20s-30s. Ethnicity is open.

We’re seeking hosts that are not afraid to voice their opinions, that can familiarize themselves & discuss material beyond their traditional realm of knowledge. You will not be negatively judged for voicing unpopular opinions. In fact, we are looking for debatable content and people that can firmly voice point of views while educating and entertaining the masses. Please be prepared to give your insight on at least 2 of the below topics


1. Interracial Dating- Why are you comfortable/uncomfortable with it

2. The Pressure to be Brighter: The use of Bleaching Cream in the Black, Asian, & Indian Community

3 Similarities and differences of the GLBT Struggle and Civil Rights Movement

4. How has Affirmative action hurt you, a focus on the Right Wing Republican Platform


The purpose of the show is to entertain our audience (i.e. Oprah and The View) as well as to enlighten, educate and bring about social change (i.e. PBS and Tavis Smiley). This show is a combination of both entertainment and real life topic/issues that we as individuals all face regardless of social status, economic status, ethnicity, race, gender, religion ect. We will be focusing on not just individuals but the human interaction of society as a whole and the impact that we have on each other.

This show gives us a platform to discuss, debate, and enlighten the viewing audience. The main initiatives are diversity, self introspection and to enhance the public’s thirst for the unknown. I’m casting individuals from all walks of life as hosts to represent their individual demographics as well as bringing their cultural struggles and accomplishments to the forefront. To be very simplistic, I’m hoping that a little Asian girl from the exclusive Echelon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the kid from the Bronx that’s struggling with poverty can see US interacting with one another and we can have a hand in making people that would otherwise even NEVER meet, be comfortable with one another and seek relationships outside of their comfort zone. There’s no reason why we have to be limited to our immediate surroundings.


Feel free to share your thoughts here...

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