4Q 2011: The Halfway Point

4Q 2011: The Halfway Point 

M.D. Wright



It’s lookin’ real beautiful right now, baby. Life is starting to get back to some semblance of what it was from 1999-2005 for me. We still have a few major obstacles to tackle, but if you refer to my previous quarterly reports, you will see there is a certain calm, peace and healthy order to my plans these days. This, in stark contrast to the utter chaos that ruled my life since the summer of 2006 and the flat out Survival Mode I had been forced to resort to from that point henceforth until this summer (2011).


It wore on me, took a toll on my hairline, my skin (a by-product of starting smoking again in 2008), and worst yet, my PHYSIQUE. Granted, I had broken my back in 2007 and went through a year of wasting away and muscle atrophy, prior to surgery in September 2008; but I was able to rehab throughout the first portion of 2009 and was a healthy, stocky, 210 lbs.



Things are flowing like Big L’s bars now. I was fortunate to land a job the day after I completed my Masters programme at Mercy, and started another MS Degree programme that same day as well. Although the apartment search was a tedious one, I was finally able to find something that I can rock with (and the landlord can work with ME, given that I am two months into financial rehab). As long as everything holds and she (the landlord) doesn’t flake on me, we are all set to view the apartment next weekend, and moving a few days later, once the current tenant vacates and the apartment has been cleaned and prepped.


The job is pretty simple (mostly because of my previous real estate/mortgage experience and research acumen from being in school the past eight years) and that’s a relief, given that this current Human Resources Management programme is kicking my ash can. I hate online classes; especially those that involve Statistics, Economics and other things that I need to learn collaboratively within a classroom setting in order to grasp without chain smoking.



I have a LOT to be thankful for. With all the death around me, I don’t take life for granted. Some days I worry that I won’t wake up the next day, and then when I do, I thank God I wake up and see every single day that I do. Life is all gravy from here on out, regardless if I have $5 or $20,000 in the bank (which I thought was a good starting place to build from, as I — as hard as it is to believe six years later — had this laid out over three accounts at the time). I’ve been at my nadir and my apex has yet to be reached.


As for the holiday itself, I have a busy 55 days remaining in 2011. This entire month is booked solid. I have finals coming up in two weeks in this term, the job will finally begin to become “challenging” in a couple of weeks, I am moving in the next 10 days or so and have tons to do on that end, alone.


My plans for Thanksgiving holidays are to make a couple of stops in Jersey to make my Rugby pick up (as usual) and the commensurate fresh Winter Timbs, holla at a few relatives and then hit the road to North Carolina. I’ll try to see as many people as possible, but my time is obviously limited now that I am full-time again. I should be there until early Sunday (Nov. 27), although I may leave Saturday — so that I do not miss the Giants game on Sunday.


Not sure about Christmas at this point, but again, a lot of my plans are yet to be determined, because of the work schedule. Once details become clearer and I decide whether I am going to take Winter Session at Mercy (while restarting my MPA at John Jay), I will give the proper heads up to my Jersey, DMV and NC relatives and friends.


As always, please advise regarding your Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, and if you have not texted or called me in the past two weeks, send me your contact information via INBOX so that I may reach you when I am traveling. My contacts were lost two weeks ago and only those who had texted me immediately before that time or since are locked into my phone.


Happy 4Q to you all.




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