2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 7

2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 7 

M.D. Wright



I decided to do this a day earlier than my standard Wednesday evening column, because I may be MIA (no pun intended, with our upcoming opponent on Sunday) for the next week or so, depending on how things shake out.


Of course I will post my Bettor’s Guide on Thursday night, as usual, but there will not be the regular 5-7 NFL-related columns per week this week. Sorry, folks. Should time permit and the situation that I am preoccupied with gets resolved sooner rather than later, I will certainly be here to share my thoughts with you guys.




— The Falcons are a bunch of whiny girls on the rag.


— The Bucs really need LeGarrette Blount to get healthy and QUICKLY.


— Only Drew Brees has thrown more passes than Josh Freeman this year.


— I know some divorcees who get more separation from their ex-spouses than the Bucs receivers do for Freeman.


— The Lions need their BYE week in the worst way.


— The Packers still have a couple of question marks defensively, particularly as relates to teams that can go shot for shot for them when the opposition is on offense.


— The Lions have no running game to speak of. Keilan Williams and Mo Morris are not going to cut it.


— I just can’t understand how BenJarvis Green-Ellis is any good, but I’m pretty sure even the guys who played RB at my high school alma mater could run for 62 yards per game  when the other team thinks you’re going to pass it 51 times per game.


— The 49ers are this year’s Falcons from 2010.


— Matt Ryan thinks he’s an elite QB. No. REALLY.



— Blaine Gabbert is going to be legit. Too bad “JDR” won’t (shouldn’t) be there to see it come to full fruition.


— Marvin Lewis proved he had more up his sleeve than his arm with those wily comments leading into Week 1. They’re truly going to win more games this year than in 2010.


— The Browns need to figure out what they are going to do with Peyton Hillis before this becomes acrimonious.


— Young All Day (Adrian Peterson) runs like he’s pissed at the cops who busted his pops with the drugs.


— Ahmad Bradshaw runs like he’s pissed at the people who kicked him out of UVa and arrested him repeatedly in Virginia after he got to the Giants.



— The OTHER Steve Smith (the one in Philly) surely regrets leaving the Giants and should be pissed at his agent, who himself should be investigated for steering. Smith might not ever see another NFL payday above veteran’s minimum, all because his agent, who had SIX OTHER EAGLES PLAYERS AS CLIENTS THIS YEAR SIGN IN PHILLY, was keeping up “BAU”.


— The Giants doctors were right, and Smith knew/knows it.


— Smith turned down 5 years/$35M ($15M-$20M guaranteed) because his agent wants to remain in bed with Joe Banner and Howie R. He would have been set for life had he not left the Giants. SIDE NOTE: He only has Giants paraphernalia on his Facebook and Twitter pages to this day. Telling fact.


— Two Words: JAKE BALLARD.


— I wasn’t sold on Cam Newton in college, but after watching him through all or parts of seven games, HE’S GOING TO BE LEGIT. However, once teams have film on him and have an offseason to prepare for him in 2012, he’s going to have to remain ahead of the curve by refining his game quickly.


— 2011 Draft Crop of QBs >>> 2007 Draft Crop of QBs, and it’s not close.


— The more I see the “Calvin Johnson Rule” (mis)applied, the more it convinces me that both his TD catches that were waived off were indeed TDs.


— Good to see the Panthers running the ball more in Week 7. No shock they win a game.


— The Redskins are done. John Beck thinks he’s Steve Young, but he’s going to find out the hard way Sunday.


— Justin Tuck’s mere presence on the field makes the Giants’ D a Top 5 NFL defense again.


— The Steelers are running the football. And winning. Who’s surprised? Better question, why do they ever allow themselves to become pass-happy in the first place?


— Cam Newton needs only to look at Josh Freeman’s 2011 season thus far to realize what he needs to prepare for in 2012.


— JP Losman. Are the Dolphins even trying to mask the fact that they are seeking to be the only team in NFL history to have a perfect undefeated season and a WINLESS season?


— As bad as things are in St. Louis, I don’t think even a blank check would make Steve Spagnuolo ever want to go back to Philadelphia.


— The Patriots better hope they have Jerod Mayo by Week 9.


— DeMarco Murray should start in Dallas. Brittle Felix is a one-trick pony and Tashard Choice has the Tiki Barber Syndrome.


— Arian Foster is a Soft Beast. Pause. But you feel me.


— Tim Tebow mania will be curtailed in Week 8.


— Knowshown Moreno needs to be traded to the Lions or something.


— The Bolts could win 11 games and Norv Turner’s head could still be on a platter this offseason if they don’t make a run.


— I want (no, scratch that, DON’T WANT) whatever Hue Jackson was smoking when he made that trade. Even at Carson Palmer’s absolute best at this point — is he anything more than Jason Campbell on Campbell’s average day. Which, with the Raiders’ running game, deep threats and timely defense, doesn’t need to be more than what it is. They painted themselves into a corner with those trade considerations, however.


— Aaron Rodgers is unreal. I literally saw him do a smug/bored sigh, as if to say “allllright, let’s do this” like Dolemite in The Human Tornado when Dolemite was about to bang the sheriff’s wife in the beginning — before firing a missile pass to Greg Jennings that was pinpoint accurate.


— Has there been anyone more overpaid and overrated than Kevin Kolb since 2000?


— Mike Westhoff is THE MAN.


— Paging Bart Scott, Paging Bart Scott, though.


— Not sure what’s going on with Matthew Stafford lately, but their All-False Start Team of offensive linemen better figure it out soon. Between Backus, Raiola and Cherilus, the Lions are backed up more than pimply, overweight doughboys from upstate New York after a house party at A&T.


— Gunther Cunnningham probably wanted to kill someone in cold blood after watching his team give up three straight personal foul and/or pass interference penalties, on a Falcon’s red zone drive which was the difference in the game, as it turned out.


— The Vikings may as well start Christian Ponder and send McNabb to Seattle, and get Sidney Rice back. You know, since they unceremoniously cut Bernard Berrian (about time).


— Doesn’t Michael Turner always look like he’s running on a treadmill when he’s rushing the football?


— Roddy White needs to spend more time tutoring Julio Jones and less time acting as if he’s Cris Collinsworth.


— We will know if the Eagles will turn the corner this season after their barometer matchup with Dallas on Sunday Night Football.




— I feel badly for Tim Hightower, one of my favorite guys (before he got to WSH, that is).


— Shawne Merriman. Please go away. You’ve done nothing since you got busted for roids.


— Do the Steelers even miss James Harrison? Law Timmons (FROM?!?!?!) plays great on the weakside.


— Does Aaron Smith ever finish a season NOT on IR? Sadly, he might be done for good.


— Does Casey Hampton ever NOT miss 3-4 games a year with seemingly unknown injuries?


— God I hate watching the Jaguars play “football”.


— Joe Flacc(id)o should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Eli Manning ever again.


— BTW, I repeat, ELI IS ELITE.


— What’s the deal with Russell Okung, man?


— The Vikings need Fat Pat back.


— CHIEFS?!?!?!


— Jim Irsay reportedly hates being embarrassed on national TV. Apparently, the other 31 teams’ owners don’t mind being embarrassed here and there.


— Why didn’t Sean Payton call any of these plays when he was the Giants’ offensive coordinator?


— Pat Willis is an ABSOLUTE MAYNE.


— Who says you can’t go home, Brandon Lloyd? Question is, did he WANT to?


— My man ‘tana (Santana Moss) can’t catch a break — well, except the one in his hand which will cause him to miss two months.


— Texas is the state of Choker QBs; both collegiate and professional.


— Does Michael Vick even want to see the Giants’ amoeba and All-Defensive End front four in Week 11???


— LeSean McCoy would be the best RB in the NFL if he had a smart Head Coach.


— Imagine Adrian Peterson’s league-leading rushing numbers if he had a respectable QB and WRs who don’t have migraines like pre-menstrual women?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLS6M2-mh0M&feature=related (the 00:40 mark, although the whole thing is just gritty)


— Brent Grimes is a pest, but he’s damn good.


— So is Rashean Mathis.


— Greg Jones (FROM?!?!?!) has never been used properly by Jack Del Rio and I will never understand why. I mean, when you have a guy who can do THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKknaWEln9w — something that caused me to jump up and scrape my knuckles on the ceiling of my parents’ living room while watching it live — why are you just giving him inside handoffs in short yardage???


— I bet Anquan Boldin wishes he had remained in Arizona, or at least gone elsewhere outside of Baltimore.


— So two guys, who had fumbled what, ONCE in 1,000 carries fumble four (technically five, Jones-Drew fumbled a fourth time, but it was overlooked) times in one game?


— Brandon Marshall needs full, university mental health counseling and I’m not joking.


— Mike Francesa: SHADDAAAAAAAAAAAP (looks down at keyboard spitefully, takes swig of Diet Coke and spins away from the computer to yell at Joe for a “CALCULATTAH” [calculator].


… and more NFL related information… “AFTA DIS”.





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