2011 NFL Week 7 Powre Rankings

2011 NFL Week 7 Powre Rankings

 M.D. Wright



Thankfully, I won’t be idle while the Giants have their BYE in Week 7, got some moving to do and a housewarming party to plan. God’s timing is always best ha.




1. Green Bay Packers (6-0).

When you can play 2 1/2 quarters in cruise control and still win by three touchdowns, even if it IS the Rams, you know you’re legit.


2. New England Patriots (5-1).

Their defense has actually played stellar football the past two games.


3. Baltimore Ravens (4-1).



4. San Francisco 49ers (5-1).

They’re this year’s “Wait for the Other Shoe to Drop” team.


5. San Diego Chargers (4-1).

Will be interesting to see how both the Bolts and Jets play this Sunday, you will really know where both teams truly stand afterward.


6. Detroit Lions (5-1).

The Lions can’t run the ball. They hope newly-acquired Ronnie Brown can help, with Jahvid Best suffering yet ANOTHER concussion.


SN: Can we stop with the portmanteaus and adding -gate to the end of everything? SHEESH.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2).

I guess ol’ Marv wasn’t BSing us when he made that comment in the preseason about the team being better AFTER ALL, huh? 


8. New York Football Giants (4-2).

The Giants would be 6-0 if not for a tipped ball that led to an INT and missing two starters/key contributors at every level of the defense (Defensive Line, Linebacker, Secondary) in Week 1.


They expect Tuck, Jacobs, Snee, Amukamara*, Hynoski and possibly Barden back for Week 8’s game vs. MIA.


* – will resume running and practicing next week.


9. Buffalo Bills (4-2).

Neither one of their losses has been to a bad team, that’s more than most teams with 1+ losses can say.


10. Oakland Raiders (4-2).

I have to hold out until I see how quickly Carson Palmer can assimilate into Oakland’s offense. This could either steady their ship or really throw things off for 3-5 weeks, and that’s huge.


11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2).

They won vs. a good Saints team, but good teams just do not completely fail to show up for 60 minutes and lose to a Smoke and Mirrors team by 45 points. I just don’t buy it.


12. New Orleans Saints (4-2).

And I can’t put them any higher because they just lost to the Bucs.


13. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2).

They’ve quietly won two straight, as all the talk has been on the Eagles’ woes and the Lions and 49ers coaches in back to back weeks.


14. Atlanta Falcons (3-3).



15. Chicago Bears (3-3).

Fittingly, they’re right in the middle of the rankings, exemplifying mediocrity in the NFL.


16. Dallas Cowboys (2-3).

Not a good thing when your coach doesn’t trust your QB to make plays in crunch time, and calls plays that exhibit such…


17. Tennessee Titans (3-2).

I think their little Cinderella month finally came to an end last week, but we’ll know for sure by Thanksgiving.


18. Houston Texans (3-3).

If Andre Johnson is INDEED out for another four games, they’re done.


19. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3).

The Chiefs had a BYE last week, but went into it winning two straight. We’ll see if it means anything, since those wins WERE against IND and MIN.


20. Cleveland Browns (2-3).

I stand by what I said last week.


21. New York Jets (3-3).

Despite claims to the contrary out of East Rutherford, all is not well in Jets land. Absolutely nothing can be derived from beating the Dolphins, so we’ll see how united they truly are when they play an NFL team again.


Of course the Giants will turn around and struggle with these same rudderless Fins in two weeks SMH.


22. Seattle Seahawks (2-3).



23. Philadelphia Eagles (2-4).

One win doesn’t mean they’re “back on track”, as they claim. They beat a team that had been playing over its head (and not even, more or less getting lucky breaks and eking out close games) even though it had five turnovers and had some of the worst QB play seen all season — by a whole seven points. And had to hold on LATE in order to do so.


24. Washington Redskins (3-2).

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… reality finally beginning to set in.

There is no “Good Rex” vs. “Bad Rex”. There’s Mediocre-at-Best Re, BAD REX, and HIDE THE WIMMIN N CHIRREN REX. The latter reared his ugly head for the second of six scheduled appearances this season. They’ll win three of their final 11 games and finish in last place, as they have almost every year since 1995.


25. Carolina Panthers (1-5).

Cam Newton has GOT to stop turning the ball over in critical junctures. Rookie yes, but he’s single-handedly killed them, even though their defense is shoddy right now with injuries and Newton has kept them in the games as much as he’s given them away late with turnovers.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5).

Del Rio will most likely get canned after next week’s games, during the Jagwires’ BYE week.


27. Denver Broncos (1-5).

They’re holding a fire sale. They gave away Brandon Lloyd (literally), where dangling Kyle Orton and Eddie Royal and have no intention of winning if they’re truly going to start Tim Tebow for their final 10 games.


28. Minnesota Vikings (1-5).

They’ve reached their absolute nadir; worst I’ve ever seen the Vikes in my 27+ years watching NFL. Only up from here with young Christian Ponder (FROM?!?!)


29. Arizona Cardinals (1-5).

Whatever, man.


30. Indianapolis (0-6).

The more the Titans and Texans do what they normally do (plummet midseason) the more the Colts have an outside chance if Manning were able to come back within the next 3-4 weeks). Seven wins might be enough to win this division and I’m not joking. 


31. Miami Dolphins (0-6).

They don’t have the Rams’ excuse (massive injuries), they don’t have a lack of talent. They have terrible coaching and have no identity whatsoever. I don’t think anyone on that team knows what the team is ultimately trying to accomplish from play to play out there. Watching a supposed “star” WR drop a sure TD, stumble on another potential one and look slower than Tim Brown and Jerry Rice in 2002 while mysteriously running out of bounds and sliding, when he could have potentially scored on a third was exemplification of the Fins’ season thus far this year.  


32. St. Louis Rams (0-6).

They try hard on one side of the ball (defense) and are listless on the other (offense). 




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