2011 NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings

2011 NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings

M.D. Wright



From here on through the end of the season, the powre rankings are going to pretty much reflect who I believe will be in the playoffs and (as nearly as possible) depict where they will be seeded in their respective conferences; followed by wild card bubble/last out teams, the also-rans and the vomit inducers.


1. Green Bay Packers (9-0).

No letdown with these guys. Business as usual, and for once, their defense didn’t play hot potato with its offense; rookie QB or not.


2. San Francisco 49ers (8-1).

As flimsy as an 8-1 record as there can be — but solely because Alex Smith isn’t even as good as Matt Ryan, and you saw how 2010 ended for the Falcons, whose team eerily mirrors this 2011 49ers outfit. However, their defense is completely legit, front to back and their offensive line and tight end are among the best out there (their offensive line might be the best in football).


3. Houston Texans (7-3).*



It’s all downhill from here with Matt Schaub, who’s actually been hurt for a while, although the Texans hid it — OUT FOR SEASON — just as they get Andre Johnson back. Enter Matt Leinart. Exit Texans from playoff contention.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3).

The Steelers scored when it mattered and held off the Bengals. A green check for them.


5. New York Football Giants (6-3).

Moving the ball at will against the league’s (statistically) best defense and losing due to self-induced/unforced errors is not the end of the world. Only touchdowns yielded came with two starters out and blown assignments by rookies responsible for the very guys who scored on Sunday. Despite it all, were a completed pass or two from forcing OT. Admirable.


6. New Orleans Saints (7-3).

They’re really not all that. I am waiting for people to realize this.


7. Chicago Bears (6-3).

They’ve had a fine stretch of late, but you cannot seriously put them as a top five team. 


8. New England Patriots (6-3).

Defense has gotten better of late, but they’re losing bodies on that side of the ball; which does not bode well for the end of the season.


9. Cincinnati Bengals (6-3).

No shame in their loss Sunday. They were in it until the very end and were without their stud WR in the second half following his acrobatic TD catch just before the half.


10. Baltimore Ravens (6-3).

Disgusting loss Sunday. The only thing about it is that not a single soul who is a Ravens fan/follows football ardently is surprised one bit.


11. Oakland Raiders (5-4).

They can begin to create breathing room with a win Sunday.


12. Tennessee Titans (5-4).

Chris Johnson has returned from his vacation.


13. Detroit Lions (6-3).

These guys need to get it together and FAST. They’re already dependent upon the Wild Card for a playoff berth (unless they win on Thanksgiving and are huge Giants fans the following Sunday), but they would own absolutely no tiebreakers against the other teams that are going to win 9-11 games if they don’t pick it up.


14. Atlanta Falcons (5-4).

Belichick appearance in the Dome Sunday. Much like Belichick’s decision vs. IND a couple of years back, it backfired on Mike Smith.


15. Dallas Cowboys (5-4).



16. Denver Broncos (4-5).



17. New York Jets (5-4).

If the Jets are ever going to win anything, they must open up their playbook and figure out how to get the vertical passing game working in the most creative way possible (since they don’t have deep threats at WR or TE).


18. Buffalo Bills (5-4).

Fading fast.


19. San Diego Chargers (4-5).

I would say likewise, but this is usually when the Bolts “awaken” and run the table. DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF THEY DO IT.


20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5).

The Bucs better get on some sort of winning streak and at least match their record from last year or Raheem Morris can sell his house and begin brushing up the ol’ resume.


21. Kansas City Chiefs (4-5).

So much for their little hot streak.


22. Seattle Seahawks (3-6).



23. Arizona Cardinals (3-6).



And I’m buying a Cards’ fitted to go with my oh’leven edition of racing jackets. Not because of Skelton’s heroics, but because it matches with the jacket ha.


24. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6).

Even stopped clocks are right twice a day.


25. Minnesota Vikings (2-7).

Ponder will eventually be good, but the Vikes have a lot of house-cleaning to do around him on both sides of the ball. Monday Night proved this even more so, for the whole nation to see.


26. Washington Redskins (3-6).

They’re not going to win another game this year.


27. Cleveland Browns (3-6).

The Browns were poised to build off 2010, they’re worse than they have been in YEARS offensively now, and that’s saying something.


28. Miami Dolphins (2-7).

The Fins have a two-game winning streak.


29. St. Louis Rams (2-7).

They try hard, despite being the only team that rivals the Giants in number and impact of IR/long-term injuries. But again, they try hard.


30. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6).

… unlike these clowns. Fittingly, the Giants team, who already had to listen to “Dream Team” taunts throughout August, until the Eagles got smacked in the face during preseason, which spilled into the regular season. Then, with the “six in a row” talk, which is now history, and now their season will officially be over with a loss to…


… the Giants.


Poetic Justice.


31. Carolina Panthers (2-7).

Coming out of a BYE and you play the worst game you’ve played all year?


32. Indianapolis Colts (0-10).

I feel absolutely zero sympathy for that team nor their (mostly/previously) condescending fans. The front office and ownership need to kill the dog and pony show and rule Manning out for season. They’re not making the playoffs (already mathematically eliminated) and Manning still may never play again. Milking investors (fans) by using false hope strategies and props (Manning strolling around on the sideline) is bush league.




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