2011 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

2011 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

M.D. Wright



Now things are starting to get really good. Of course, the Champs played like Champs, but there’s a whole lotta shaking going on like Elvis, after that.


Side Note: I could have said someone else other than Elvis, but rather than bring that disease upon myself potentially ha… never mind.


1. Green Bay Packers.

They do what they have to do. Defensive concerns to be sure, but Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL, talent, skill and physical ability wrapped into one. I WILL NOT ARGUE THIS.


2. Detroit Lions.

(Chris Berman Exasperated Voice) LIONS?!?!?!?!?!?!


3. Buffalo Bills.

(Same Voice) BILLS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


4. San Diego Chargers.

Certainly expected a blowout from them, but they didn’t choke (almost did, but a win is a win).


5. New York Football Giants.

(Old Irish Guy Accent at a Pub) “DA NOO YAAAK FOOTBAWL GIANTSSSS”.

I’ve said all that I need to say about my guys. If you watched the game, you know what we are capable of.


6. New England Patriots.

No need to overreact here. You knew they would score. I knew they would keep the Bills in it. I had an inkling the Bills would win. You know the Patriots’ D is bad, and as I’ve said, they’ll have 2-3 more games like this — putting to rest armchair GMs’ suppositions that they will go 15-1 with a 30th ranked defense. 





7. New Orleans Saints.

Their feet, your face, they meet, we’re stompin’… they’re ripping NFC teams from Tallahassee… to Compton. 


8. Baltimore Ravens.

Just a mere blip on the radar in Week 2. Back to business in Week 3.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not impressive by any stretch. In a game where Kerry Collins passed the ball THIRTY TIMES for NINETY YARDS and CURTIS F. PAINTER nearly beats you, you know you’re “exposed”. Week 1 was no fluke. Wait until they play a good team again.


10. Oakland Raiders.

After choking away the game in Week 2, they really ran roughshod over the Jets. NOT EXPECTED.


11. New York Jets.

Too many turnovers, but then again, the only time the Jets even lose is when they lose the turnover battle, which, under Rex Ryan, hasn’t been frequent.


12. Dallas Cowboys.

I may even be overrating them, considering they’ve beaten two middle-of-the-road to bad teams.


13. Cleveland Browns.

Here they come… I’ve warned you all season.


14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They’re bubbling under the surface like cooked crack.


15. Houston Texans.

That defense isn’t all that improved, after all. Saints or not, 40 is TOO MUCH. 


16. San Francisco 49ers.

That was just ugly, but they’re 2-1.


17. Washington Redskins.

There is GOOD Rex. There’s middling Rex, bad Rex and WORSE STILL Rex. Get it right. Skins fans: SHAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP.



18. Tennessee Titans.

I would be impressed, but I refuse to give them any credit for Week 2. However, they are much more competitive than I expected. Probably downhill from here, with Kenny Britt OUT FOR SEASON.


19. Philadelphia Eagles.





20. Carolina Panthers.

Can’t put a 1-2 team ahead of 2-1 teams.


21. Chicago Bears.

This team is putrid to watch. I dunno how any of their fans are sane.


22. Jacksonville Jaguars.



23. Seattle Seahawks.

Seabags get on the “left side” (Michael Kay reference), even if it was despite “T-Jack”.


24. Atlanta Falcons.

The way they’ve looked in their losses, combined with how the Eagles aren’t even as good as they were LAST YEAR, being their only win — these guys are exposed.


25. Arizona Cardinals.

I would put them lower, but they did allegedly win a game. PUTRID performance Week 3. 


26. St. Louis Rams.



27. Indianapolis Colts.

They haven’t folded the tent, but they look awful in the passing game. Not the way Reggie Wayne wanted to spend the last year of his athletic prime. 


28. Minnesota Vikings.

I’d put them lower, but Adrian Peterson gives them leads and keeps them in games. Don McNabb fails to put the games away, and Leslie Frazier’s coaching philosophy causes them to LOSE the leads that Young All Day gets them, and Don maintains. Not a good formulae. 


29. Cincinnati Bengals.

They hung tough, I guess. In Week 3, they were doubling as the Cincinnati Reds, who have scored more runs in BASEBALL games this season than the Bengals have in FOOTBALL games. 


30. Miami Dolphins.

MERCY. Does Sparano have mob connections? How does he still have that job, when the only reason he was ever relevant was that GIMMICKY “Wildcat” offense? The players that made it work are not in Miami. He’s exposed as a line coach, nothing more. GOODNESS. 


31. Denver Broncos.



32. Kansas City Chiefs.

Just end the season already.


Oh no, they actually tried hard in Week 3. Gotta hand it to them, but they still smell like the halal guys on a hot, humid day… oh… like TODAY WAS.



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