On Floyd Mayweather…

On Floyd Mayweather…

M.D. Wright



In an ongoing effort to both condense the amount of traffic produced by me on peoples’ News Feeds and further sharpening my writing acumen, I believe that when I feel strongly about something that has taken place in the world of sports, relationships, politics, current events, religion and other subjects that I touch on in a given day, I’d rather condense all the thoughts into one note, use illustration, allow for feedback from others and let it take on a true column form (although I maintain it as such on my “Blog” Column — https://mrwright212.wordpress.com). Just another step in the direction of getting my works published and locking up that intellectual property; making it a cash cow and a royalties machine.



September 17, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada

11:45 PM



Much of what I’ve had to say has been illustrated in links and statuses, and I will copy and paste here. Feel free to discuss what it is you feel took place and what should have taken place as a result of the fallout from the fight. My stance reads thus:


“If we fight in the Marquess of Queensberry, YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR DEFENSE UP WHEN THE REF GIVES THE OKAY TO FIGHT. The more I think about it and look at the replays, Ortiz threw the fight, because there is NO WAY he would have had his defense down otherwise. I’ve watched boxing for 27 years.”


The more I look at the footage, the more I feel vindicated for that statement. Say what you want about Mayweather, and say what you want about Ortiz (who isn’t even hiding the fact that he took a fall and is happy to take a $2.5 Million two-piece), but the punches were legit and Ortiz should have had his defense up unless referee Joe Cortez was LITERALLY holding the two fighters apart for instructions or point deductions. Cortez had already deducted the points from Ortiz for the blatant headbutt that landed (following the other blatant attempt immediately prior that did not land).



Mayweather was incensed, but appeared to have whispered something into Ortiz’ ear. Then BAM!


Following the fight, eternal pessimist and resident HBO douchebag Larry Merchant took greasy shots at Floyd; something he’s done in his way to show hatred/jealousy of a fighter since the days that Mike Tyson fought on HBO’s cards up until about 1990, when a tearful Jim Lampley signed off following Tyson’s last fight under HBO’s contract (funny watch if you are able to find those old fights anyplace).


Here is the video from the crucial final moments last night:



Again, say what you want, but if you know boxing, you know the most that can be said negatively about Mayweather is that the absolute greats almost handicap themselves against a perceived lesser challenger and give their opponent every fair shot to fight their best fight. Mayweather’s knockout blows were legitimate, fair play and ethical. THESE ARE BASIC MARQUESS OF QUEENSBERRY RULES. Anyone who knows boxing knows this. If you don’t know boxing, you showed your novice last night with your comments.


I’m done, but feel free to vent about Mayweather being a rat bastard who’s scared to fight Pacquiao and should have given Ortiz a rematch on the spot for early next year.



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