Wifey or Wife? Which Are YOU?

Wifey or Wife? Which Are YOU?

M.D. Wright



Of late, I’ve been hearing even more talk about “Wifey Material” and even seeing trending topics on Twitter such as “#urnotwifeymaterialif” and what not. Okay, a couple things here. We need to delineate between what constitutes “Wifey” and what constitutes a “Wife”, and why we men designate women accordingly.



Wifey, to a dude is almost a mythical figure; a woman who doesn’t truly exist. She is the ideal woman who handles her business, holds the fort at home, stands up for her man, supports him unconditionally, cooks, loves sports, goes places and does the things he loves, knows how to give him space at the “appropriate” times and doesn’t “bitch and moan”. Ultimately, she also gives that great FACE and is uninhibited in bed.


The thing is, she never gets the title of “Wife” and there are reasons why.



Since when did a jumpoff, a groupie, one of those only-when-I’m-in-town-baby chicks mistakenly and brazenly call themselves someone’s “wife” when they are not married to any of these professional athletes, musicians, actors, etc.? You have no ring, you were never engaged, you’re not even his girl (anymore), yet you’re a wife? Just because you mopped the dude the two times he comes to play against your Magics, and you nipped the tip of the rubber and knocked yourself up, you’re wifey?


Anyway, dudes who want a “wifey” typically aren’t commitment-minded, and sadly, a lot of women settle for this; knowing that these guys think this way.




Ultimately, I cannot knock either party involved. Men who want all the benefits of a woman who acts as a wife, without the commitment and responsibility involved. Fair enough. If he gets involved with a chick who acts commensurately, who’s at fault? I just hate hearing bitter parties ragging on the 30-40 million available members of the opposite sex collectively because they fell in love with a slag who was just bed-to-bed, station-to-station like the Detroit Tigers’ lineup. And I hate hearing chicks lumping all guys in when you knew you were second in line like a caporegime going into it. Wifey doesn’t get the added benefits, the unconditional love, the special treatment, the total attention and full appreciation that a WIFE does, nor should she, nor should she EXPECT to.





A wife?


Simply put, READ THIS:



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Thanks for reading.


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