One of Those Dreaded “Career Opportunities” Calls

One of Those Dreaded “Career Opportunities” Calls

M.D. Wright



Let me just say very quickly that I am sick and tired of people calling me asking me to do sales. Every single insurance company in this city, calling with every possible angle that they can construct, every attempt to dress up a pig by putting lipstick on it, they have all tried. I’ve spent far too much time, too much of my own money and sacrificed to the point where I have been unable to pay rent because of it. I’m not going to name companies, because that is bad form, and I would not be against dealing with any of them in some capacity down the line.


But this one guy called me around this time yesterday (didn’t have time to write, because I was heading out to run errands at the time), and FLAT OUT INSULTED me.


I tell him off the bat, “I’m sorry, I am not interested in doing sales, it is not conducive to my financial situation, as I am seeking to make a transition from sales to a solid income.”


The conversation goes:




“I see you have a TON (seven) of sales experience, what do you or don’t you like about sales? You’ve obviously been at it for a while.”



 “I actually do not like sales. I am not a salesman. I am an advisor, consultant and a teacher. My skills are better suited in that capacity, rather than pushing product or even doing real estate on the sales side.”





“Well, what’s the story with real estate, is it any good? Or are you just not good at it?”


Me, being frankly honest with myself:

“Real estate is okay, but a full commission job is not conducive to what I am trying to accomplish (without getting into the mess I’ve been in financially and living situation-specific).” In an ideal situation, I would love to do real estate, but I am not on solid footing at he moment.”



“Oh, so you want a job where you just sit behind a desk and get paid a salary, no matter what you do???” (in a smarmy, Ivy-league, milquetoast, NYC-suburb, condescending tone)


Me: (the consummate professional, coming from the Bill Belichick School of dry, political-correctness and repeated answers)

“Sales is not conducive to my current situation, and I’m just not a good salesperson.”


See, if I were arrogant, I would 1) be in denial about being a good salesperson. I am NOT. To borrow an AJ Burnett phrase, “I’ve got to be better and I know that. And I will be.” But not on the sales side. I have identified my strengths years ago and I knew even taking my Spiritual Gifts test, that I am a teacher. My quirks, love for acquiring and disseminating information and explaining things in the absolute simplest form, while gleaning that satisfaction of watching the light bulb go off for someone is what drives me. Making deals is nice, but not when my livelihood is at stake. If I was in my own apartment or house, I would be fine, but I am taking up valuable space in a friend’s apartment and I don’t have time for such work, when I’ve gone MONTHS at a time between making money in sales jobs.


I’m not going to get into it as to why I cannot find a job that is simply paying a liveable, regular wage. Not even temp jobs, not even part-time retail jobs. It’s embarrassing. But this guy almost made me jump through the phone. Part of me wanted to shoot back and say, “No, I wanna live off the residuals and kickbacks from the 50 people I have working below me, not doing any work myself, and cold-calling people, trying to deceive them into doing a sales job that costs them more money up front  than they’ll earn in three MONTHS,” but I withheld.


I am sick of people calling me about these jobs. Call me to do a real, paying job. I don’t want to stressing myself out every day wondering how I am going to eat, afford car fare, where I will live and so forth because sales is a numbers game. Plain and simple. If you don’t have a CADRE with influential people who have money (who also know people with influence AND money), sales isn’t for you.


As most of you know, I was let go by Gold Star Properties on August 31, partly due to lack of sales and mostly because sales is a NUMBERS game. I generated tons of leads, more than almost everyone at the company, but at the end of the day, there’s only a certain number of deals you can do personally, and only a certain number that co-workers can do. Throw in the complete lack of loyalty on the part of clients and your whole livelihood is in the hands of wishy-washy (mostly) cheapskates who want Waldorf apartments with Coming to America superintendent apartment’s budget.





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