2011 NFL Week 1 Powre Rankings

2011 NFL Week 1 Powre Rankings

M.D. Wright



I love how everyone overreacts after one game. A team loses, and loses badly, they’re going 3-13. If they win, and win big, they’re Super Bowl bound. If someone has a big  passing, rushing or receiving day, it’s “THE BEST EVER”. So much overreaction. I’m just as happy that football is  back as you are. Trust me. I couldn’t even answer the question when DK asked me at the bar Sunday “What would you be doing right now if there was no football?” I shudder the thought. But calm down. You Pie in the Sky and Gloom and Doom types make me wanna chug Castor Oil 10W-40 more than Kevin Gilbride’s play-calling.


1. Green Bay Packers.

Champs. Played like it. The end. Steve Leffew salutes to you.


2. New England Patriots.

Potent, lethal offence.  


Their defence deserves the same superlatives. Only in reverse. Stay tuned this year. They’re going to be a thrill a minute on both sides of the ball. Pats fans calm down, I give them their due every week in my rankings, but some of you are getting waaaaaaay ahead of yourselves with the Super Bowl talk.


3. Baltimore Ravens.

People were joking about them and their salary cap management coming out of the lockout, but they’ve really pieced together their offensive line and passing game through free agency better than many teams have. Week 1 was NOT a fluke. Jace love it with her T-Sizzle shirt at home.


4. Philadelphia Eagles.

This was the overreaction of the week, but I am paying them their due. The Rams were down their primetime player, who, as I predicted, was going to run all over their overaggressive/overpursuing linebackers.


On the first play of the game, Steven Jackson did so.


And proceeded to get hurt.


As did Danny Amendola.


The Rams are down their two biggest playmakers, and cut the other. The Eagles are damn good offensively, but the score belies the dynamic of the game. If things don’t go their fans’ way Week 3, there will be riots.


5. Detroit Lions.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. LOOK OUT. Tom Mulcahy knows I have had faith in these guys for three years now. 


6. San Diego Chargers.

The Bolts are not f’n around this year, mark my words. Norval will be fired if they don’t go far. He knows it, I know it. Ashley Rodrigues knows it. 


7. New York Jets.

The Jets don’t make mistakes. Counter that will ball control running game and a defense that only bends and never really breaks, and they are a tough team to beat. That’s what you want if you’re DK.


8. Houston Texans.

They are going to cost a LOT of people money on the back end of the season. MARK. MY. WORDS.


9. New Orleans Saints.

They didn’t look bad by any means in their Season Kickoff loss, but their defence was definitely exposed.


10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They’re better than what they showed Sunday. Coach Morris needs to force the ball to young LeGarrette.


11. Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo costs them with the game on the line? Did he? Seriously?


12. New York Football Giants.

The Giants were absolutely putrid after their first two scoring drives. It’s as if they forgot how to play football. Of course most of it is centered around Kevin Gilbride’s playcalling. It is more predictable than me being followed by security in the Charles Tyrwhitt boutique.


However, they are not as bad as they looked Sunday, nor are the Skins nearly as good as the Giants made them look.


13. Pittsburgh Steelers.

As I’ve said, that defense is aging and teams know what it takes to beat them. SPREAD ‘EM OUT AND MAKE POLAMALU ACTUALLY PLAY COVERAGE WITHOUT RUNNING AROUND LIKE HE’S GOING TO SCALP A RIVAL TRIBESMAN — like he normally does.


14. Oakland Raiders.

Far too many penalties. They should have beaten the B-men by 4 touchdowns. SERIOUSLY.


Dick Seymour SAVES THE DAY for them.


15. Chicago Bears.

Yeah, they “won”, but they were not impressive by any means.


16. Atlanta Falcons.

But they WERE putrid in losing the way they did to a one-dimensional Bears team.


17. Arizona Cardinals.

Eh. A rookie torches you for over 400 yards. I’d be more concerned about that than throwing confetti after the win. BTW, I believe I called that game perfectly correct on the score. I’ll need to check. 


18. Carolina Panthers.

If they can stay healthy, they have the weapons on offence. But losing Jon Beason does not help matters on defence. MERCY. 


19. Jacksonville Jaguars.

Someone had to win the game, I guess.


20. Washington Redskins.

Skins fans coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden. Other than when they routinely derail Dallas’ season late, when do you ever hear them talk? Oh well, we’ve owned them since Art Monk left the team in 1994. They were due. As are the Giants vs. Philly. The difference being, the Eagles have nothing else to hang their hat on, and brag about 6 measly regular season (meaningless) wins and Giants fans have something worthwhile to be proud of other than owning a moribund franchise.


21. Indianapolis Colts.

Somehow they will still win that division at 8-8 or 9-7 after the Texans fold like the Boston Red Sox. 


22. San Francisco 49ers.

Theodore Ginn, Junior.


23. Buffalo Bills.

No one circles the wagons like they do. But then again, they aren’t exactly going to sneak up on anyone with all those playmakers on offense now.


24. Minnesota Vikings.

They were in it for 3 quarters, but vintage Don McNabb, skipping passes 5 yards short of WRs kicked in.


25. Seattle Seahawks.



26. Cleveland Browns.

You’re better than that. Marvin Lewis, that sly fox duped us all preseason, huh?


27. Miami Dolphins.



28. Cincinnati Bengals.

They’re still no good.


29. Tennessee Titans.

Going nowhere FAST.


30. St. Louis Rams.

They’re going to be missing far too many guys on offence to compete. 


31. Kansas City Chiefs.

Uhhh, guys the season is officially underway. 


32. Denver Broncos.

John Fox should have sat out the season. He might have had the chance to return to New York after the season. This team is only going down from here. Don’t let Monday’s score fool you. 




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