Labor Day Plans

Labor Day Plans

M.D. Wright



Even though I spent all of August announcing it, I am going to make it concrete in a note, instead of statuses ha. But I am going to be heading down south this weekend. The original plan was to leave today, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to leave until tomorrow evening at the very earliest.


My baby cousin’s party is Saturday afternoon, but outside of that and obviously spending times with my parents, my schedule is pretty open. I do hope to have a BBQ in Raleigh at some point this weekend, and probably one elsewhere on Monday. My godmother said she would throw one (and I’m hoping she makes me a cake like she’s always done since I was born ha).


But as it stands, the plan is to hopefully leave before 8 PM tomorrow night, take my time and arrive just after sunrise (so I can go to Sunrise Biscuit in Henderson and then go visit my uncle).


Let me know where you will be and what you want me to bring for you, as I’ve had requests from people to bring jerseys, Olde English 64’s (don’t ask ha) and I’ve got a couple of transactions (legal) to complete. Monday through Wednesday are especially free, as I am most likely going to leave sometime Thursday, with an obligation (sort of like football OTAs, if you get my drift) to be back by 5 PM that day. I will have plenty of car space to bring things back home for anyone in the tri-state who needs anything, as well.


I normally stop through the DMV area to have some fare, so depending on what time I actually hit the road, and if I go 95 — I’ve got a few stops to make locally beforehand — I’ll scream at my DMV people. However, depending on traffic, I may take 78 to 81 and go to Greensboro and go to Henderson early Saturday. Timing is everything, everyone has my number, and I’ve been making these trips for years. You know the drill by now.





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