2011 National Football League – Central Location for All News & Notes

2011 National Football League – Central Location for All News & Notes

M.D. Wright



In the essence of time and space, and in consideration for peoples’ News Feeds and personal Walls, I believe it’s best to just create one central location where everyone can share their NFL News & Notes, Breaking News Updates and anything else NFL-related that you would like to share.


I do not like those Groups on Facebook, because I get updates from stuff that I don’t even want any part with.


As it is, I will make the note open to “Everyone”, so people outside of my page can see the things that you share. You can request to have yourself or anyone else tagged so that they get the Breaking News and other NFL notes and personal commentary as they come.


I’ll start out with my normal 30-40 early updates that I receive via my Wire Updates.


Detroit Lions’ Defensive Lineman Lawrence Jackson Calls New England Patriots’ Offensive Lineman Logan Mankins “Dirty Bastard”.



Nothing new there. Anyone who watches the Patriots knows their line is dirty and gets away with more holding than most R&B crooners at the hotel after a show.


Joe Namath Blasts Jets’ Plaxico Burress.

Namath might be drinking again.


Seahawks’ TE John Carlson Out For Season With a Shoulder.


Titans Hope to Re-Sign Chris Johnson After All.



Arian Foster Comments About His Fantasy Team Rankings.





Seabags’ Golden Tate May Be Cut.



Giants Place Koets and Barden on the PUP.



Just cut Barden. He’s been a colossal failure.


Las Vegas Locomotives Own Tiki Barber’s Rights.



Go there, show what you got and come up like Starks did for Green Bay last year. What is it with guys named “Starks” who come out of obscurity and help lead teams to Championships ha?


Laurence Maroney Acquitted of Marijuana Charges.



Feel free to share. I’ll integrate links (feel free to add commentary as well) into this note, as opposed to leaving them dangling in the comment section.


If the comments are wishing injuries on players, excessive/baseless homerism, they won’t make the cut.



Feel free to share your thoughts here...

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