NFL Preseason Week 3 Powre Rankings (Week of August 23-29, 2011)

NFL Preseason Week 3 Powre Rankings (Week of August 23-29, 2011)

M.D. Wright



Most everyone has shown what they’re going to show in preseason. Some teams are known to be very “vanilla” during the preseason, so you will not know everything they plan to do offensively and defensively. However, there are things that you just cannot hide, regardless if the starters, backups or 3rd teamers/cuts are in the game or not. The rankings will reflect as such.


1. Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers was nearly perfect and their offense looks like a Swiss Army Knife right now. Everyone knows what they are capable of on defense, with the absolute best secondary in football.


2. New York Jets.

The Jets don’t have much higher of a ceiling, but they are going to get the absolute best out of the team that they field; which is good enough to beat anyone in the NFL. They have kinks at times offensively, but their defense is in postseason form.


3. Detroit Lions.

Stellar performance against a New England team that arrogantly took them lightly, much like the *18-1 Patriots did the Football Giants in Super Bowl XLII.


4. San Diego Chargers.

My gut tells me that they are going to reverse the trend on those “slow starts”.


Then again, my gut is doing a rollercoaster with all the junk I’ve eaten the past three days. They look good though.


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They’re not going to sneak up on anyone, but I love Josh Freeman’s moxie.


6. Houston Texans.

Impressive preseason, but can they translate it to the regular season?


7. New York Football Giants.

The offense has been putrid all preseason. Same old story for Gilbride from a play-calling standpoint. His (few) backers will cite the Top 5 finishes statistically with his offenses, but conveniently overlook how poor the playcalling and execution is in crucial junctures. It’s going to cost the team 3-4 games this season. The defense, which is the best in the league, is the only thing that’s going to keep the Giants 2-3 games over .500 this year, unless the offense flips a switch in two weeks. 


8. New England Patriots.

I still see a sieve defensively, but offensively, they are going to be tough to stop when they are clicking.


9. Philadelphia Eagles.

Rosenman keeps making big splash moves (Vick, 6 years, $100M as of press time), but has yet to shore up the team’s offensive line woes, defensive line woes, pathetic linebacking situation, and paying lip service to Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo’s total lack of experience as a defensive coach (outside of high school). Their safeties look lost and are gimpy. Investing so much  money in Vick is risky to say the least, with such a turnstile of an offensive line.


10. New Orleans Saints.

They appear to be set to make a run, barring injury.


11. Indianapolis Colts.

Peyton is BACK.


12. Dallas Cowboys.

Their fans want you to remember that is preseason when they lose, and are the biggest braggarts outside of Post-2008 Jets fans when they win a preseason game.


I, for one, while respecting Rob Ryan as a DC, see their newfound love of blitzing as a potential ticking time bomb against teams in the NFC East who have 1-2 players apiece that can beat their entire slow-footed secondary. Bears watching.


13. Carolina Panthers.

Jimmy Clausen should start the first 4-5 games this season. MY PERSONAL OPINION. Newton is just not ready for true regular season NFL.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Their secondary bears watching.


15. Baltimore Ravens.

Nice comeback win vs. their Beltway rivals, but again, it was the REDSKINS.


16. Kansas City Chiefs.

Not much to say here.


17. Atlanta Falcons.

People have high expectations for them, with good reason (last year’s regular season, conveniently overlooking the prophesied *THUD* in the playoffs), as they added a speedy young rookie WR, but I see a 9-7 team. Besides 4-5 of their wins last year were ref-aided (in crucial moments) and flat out luck.


18. St. Louis Rams.



19. Arizona Cardinals.

Note the pattern here.


20. Seattle Seahawks.

Keep noting it…


Oh, and Tarvaris Jackson better have his insurance paid up by Sept. 11.


21. San Francisco 49ers.



22. Washington Redskins.

Okay, so they don’t look totally inept and devoid of a plan, but they’re still going to be horrid at times when the “lights come on”.


23. Chicago Bears.

Set to cut two guys they paid big money to in the past two offseasons (Chester Taylor and Roy Williams), one of the… what, five total guys they have who can make plays offensively? I have no idea what the Bears are doing. This isn’t Knute Rockne’s Four Horsemen or OU’s Wishbone attack, Jerry Angelo…


24. Miami Dolphins.



Their owner(s) is/are an idiot(s), their coach is an even bigger one, and we know their GM is a ‘tard, if for nothing (and there’s TONS) attempting to smear WR Dez Bryant during the NFL Draft process in 2010.


25. Jacksonville Jaguars.



26. Cleveland Browns.

The Browns will be better than this come mid-October.


27. Buffalo Bills.

Their defense was absolutely vomit-inducing the other night.


28. Oakland Raiders.

Darius Heyward-Bey SUCKS. 


29. Minnesota Vikings.

Signs of life from Don. I still don’t know where they’re going on either side of the ball.


30. Tennessee Titans.

They might be the worst team in the AFC other than Cincinnati and Denver. They’re “rebuilding” without saying so, with a fossil and combine freak at QB and using Chris Johnson (if he ever plays for them again) just to sell tickets.


… what? You think people are going to pay to see Andre Johnson SON Courtland Finnegan twice a year, as usual?


31. Denver Broncos.



32. Cincinnati Bengals.

The only thing I’m ever going to say every week is “Just sell the team, Mike”.


Oh, and young Cedric Benson actually considers spending the BYE week in jail as a vacation from that joke of a “team” you got there.




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