Unmitigated Gall

Unmitigated Gall

M.D. Wright



Ever heard that phrase? Do you know what it means?


Unmitigated = there is no barrier, no filter, nothing preventing the progression of a thing.

Gall = Serious cojones, meng.


Some people have the UNMITIGATED GALL to hold everyone the deal with: a prospective mate, a roommate, a teammate, co-worker in a group or an entire group (racial, ethnic, gender) to a standard that they are a) not even achieving themselves and/or b) not even ATTEMPTING to reach themselves.


What do I mean? What’s your point of reference, Mike?


Listen to some people and their long list of prerequisites that someone has got to achieve — rivaling that of an off-to-college preparation list — before they even consider dealing with a person. It’s ridiculous for one, because your commiseration with another human being should not be predicated upon such flimsy, superficial and outright trivial things, and secondly, unless it is the person you are seeking to potentially marry, it doesn’t matter one bit. If, by some chance (and people with unmitigated gall NEVER qualify here) you happen to be at a point where you can say “Hey, I’m at my apogee in life, so therefore, I have the right to demand these things”, then have at it. Otherwise, think about those 4, 5 or 25 people that you know who are like this and try not to vomit in the back of your esophagus:


They want you to have the flyest whip and look down on you because you are on the bus… WITH THEM.

Why does a guy have to have ANY whip, if you don’t have one? If you both cough up that $104 for a monthly, I’d say you are no more or less qualified to be anything more than each other’s equal.


You just want someone to have something you don’t have, which is insanity walking.


You want them to live on the Upper West Side, own their townhome, be a Columbia graduate…

While you can’t even get accepted to LaGuardia CC, can’t pay your Public Assistance-aided rent and you’re only “big time” in your dreams.


Stick with someone who can actually relate to your struggle, or don’t get too ambitious until you can back up your demands with proof of achievement yourself.




I’m not making this into a full column entry, because it’s a passing though, related to a video that was sent to me regarding this topic discussed by Lew Williams.





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