NFL Preseason Week 2 Powre Rankings – Week of August 16-22, 2011

NFL Preseason Week 2 Powre Rankings – Week of August 16-22, 2011

M.D. Wright



It’s always fun to hear fans of certain teams brag about preseason wins or what they think their team will do in the regular season — until they get smacked around in a preseason game.


Then, preseason losses are suddenly “meaningless”.


While they don’t count in the standings, they DO foreshadow (albeit to a lesser extent) some of the future fortunes of the team.


Here are the rankings…


1. Green Bay Packers.

Until they lose a regular season game, they’ll be planted here.


2. New England Patriots.

From a competitive standpoint, they play every game the same — as if it is a Super Bowl. That rubs some people the wrong way, however.


3. New York Jets.

The Jets are seet, as long as the injury bug doesn’t nab them, you can’t really find much in the way of shortcomings with this squad.


4. New York Football Giants.

Impressive showing by special teams, offensive line-wise, running game, and passing game was a lot more fluid in Week 2, and the defense, while losing three players (a starter and two guys who had potentially huge roles in 2011) to IR in the Bears game, still plenty enough talent remains for smart Giants fans not to panic.


5. Detroit Lions.



6. San Diego Chargers.

The Bolts’ special teams look better in their first two preseason games. And they fly around on defense. You already know they have the best offense in football as is, so keep all that in mind.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers.

They are a patchwork team, but they found a way to make it all work in Week 2.


8. New Orleans Saints.

They appear to be in midseason form.


9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Proving that they still have a lot of youthful mistakes to overcome, but they won’t be sneaking up on anyone as they did in 2010.


10. Houston Texans.

Off the bat, their defense looks much better than 2010. But a long way to go.


11. Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers are going to be a force to contend with in the NFC South. Scoff if you will. They won’t win the division, but they won’t be doormats and two automatic wins for their division-mates.


12. Philadelphia Eagles.

As I’ve said since Week 1 in 2010, their offensive line stinks, their defensive line is only average because of Trent Cole, their linebackers are athletic, but raw and often overrun plays (Fokou), and their safeties are gimpy and inexperienced. Yes, they signed nice names, but they have the same problems that plagued them last year. Calm down, people. 


13. Dallas Cowboys.

They look sharper, but if their philosophy is going to be to blitz, with their paltry secondary — they are going to be in a lot of shootouts.


14. Kansas City Chiefs.

Lost their rookie WR with a hand, so I dunno what’s the story from here.


15. Indianapolis Colts.



16. Atlanta Falcons.

Not really sure what to make of them, honestly.


17. Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens are a wild card team in every meaning of the term.


18. St. Louis Rams.

They’ve got talent, and they found out about some guys who may have not played huge roles (Amendola) last year if not for injury.


19. Seattle Seahawks.

They better figure out their offensive line QUICKLY.


20. Arizona Cardinals.

I’m going to be fair and give this Kolb-to-Fitzgerald combo a benefit of the doubt, since the “Curds” are ALL-IN now that they’ve given Fitzgerald franchise-QB money.


21. Miami Dolphins.



22. Washington Redskins.

Their fans love to brag in the preseason. Too bad that’s the only thing they’ve been able to brag about this MILLENNIUM.


23. Oakland Raiders.

Gotta get that protection figured out, particularly with a shaky QB situation (Campbell is smarting).


24. San Francisco 49ers.

Still think they’re going to tank this season to get Andrew Luck.


25. Chicago Bears.

They look awful.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars.

Just move them to Los Angeles already.


27. Tennessee Titans.

You’d be reluctant to give a guy top money when you know he’s gonna face 9-man fronts all season this year AND MAYBE NEXT.


28. Cleveland Browns.

They’ve looked better, I will give them that.


29. Buffalo Bills.



30. Minnesota Vikings.



31. Denver Broncos.

Sucks to be a B-men fan, huh?


32. Cincinnati Bengals.




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