Right Person, Wrong Time is Just as Bad as the Worst Possible Person

Right Person, Wrong Time is Just as Bad as the Worst Possible Person

M.D. Wright



Isn’t it?


Many of us have heard the saying, “I believe he/she is the right person, but it’s just the wrong time”, but how do you ever really know? It is an interesting question, because if you’ve reached your mid-late 20s or beyond, you have most likely encountered this — unless your name is Ryan McGurgan.


Some of us value our time and drama-free lives, but in my 32.5 years, I have met some very interesting (and I mean that with a negative connotation) people who cannot stand the thought of being alone. Literally every time you see them, they have a new “boyfriend”. This is an extreme example, but you have to wonder what such a person values when it comes to spending their precious time with someone else.


Unfortunately, some of us have dealt with abusive types, whether it be physically, verbal or emotional. There is no need to hash out all the details of what that’s like for a person’s psyche.



However, isn’t it interesting the parallel that lies between the pain and angst that emanates from being with the “wrong” person and realizing that you were possibly with the RIGHT person, but at the wrong time?


Would anyone like to share a story involving the latter? The former is not necessary, of course.





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