Is “Interracial” Dating Wrong?

Is “Interracial” Dating Wrong?

M.D. Wright



First of all, I hate the term “interracial”, because most of you know how I feel about the term, given that it is a social construct by the elite, intended to control and subjugate.


At any rate, we always hear of the drawbacks, the sneers, the slurs, the treatment of the offspring from the outside world and so on, but what are some benefits? Besides, some of us wouldn’t be here if not for such.


Just some quick hit thoughts…


Children who are the product of multi-racial homes have a more first-hand perspective on both (or each) of the cultural heritages that they come from. Many people come from homogenous families, which are not inherently bereft of the ability to understand perspectives of cultures not their own, but the perspective is indeed different.


Subsequently, such people do not feel the need to readily choose to ascribe to the cultural ideals of one part of their family over the others (although many invariably do so).


They tend to be somewhat more aware of how racial slurs and epithets affect both the group who speaks them and those to whom they are affixed.


There are other “benefits”, if you will, but I would like to know others’ perspective, as I have such a diverse set of friends, many of whom come from various different backgrounds both within their immediate families and their extended.


Let’s hear it.




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