Does Body Type Predispose You To Certain Racial/Ethnic Groups in Dating?

Does Body Type Predispose You To Certain Racial/Ethnic Groups in Dating?
M.D. Wright

* – Edited: 7.14.2014

An interesting discussion.

We hear all types of stereotypes (I’m pausing myself beforehand on some of these so no one has to later), and as we know, stereotypes have some element of perceived fact, mixed in with assumptions that come as a result of the lack of interaction and true insight.

— Black Women All Have Massive Hips and Butts.

We all know that is false.

— Black Men Have the Biggest Penises.

Again, pause. There is no empirical information that can support this. Law of averages. But that hasn’t stopped underground society from believing thus.

— (Conversely), Asian and White Men (Most) Don’t.

Whatever. If you base your choices off these Russian Roulette ideas, you deserve every bit of turmoil that you inevitably incur.

— White Women Are Docile, Which is the Reason Why Black Men “Love” Them So Much.

Men; Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American, “love” women who are available, appealing to them (which doesn’t take much for many men) and don’t come off as Ray Lewis in a back alley (i.e. the night they killed that man in 2001). Now however you wanna categorize it, I sure know some ruthless and catatonic White AND Asian women. Not all Black women are combative and always looking for an argument.

— White Men Don’t Like Women With Curves.

That may have once been predominantly true, but a good number of Generation Y and Z is coming off the eerie obsession with prepubescent boy-appearing grown women that their forefathers once had.

Then there are some things that are true.

— Black Men Love Big Butts.

And why wouldn’t they?

— Latino Men Love Big Butts.

And why wouldn’t they?

— White Women are Increasingly Refusing to Starve Themselves to Acquiesce to an Ideal, But Rather Seeking to Partner With Men Who Appreciate Them As Is.

No explanation necessary.

The impetus for this? A few discussions I’ve had, particularly recently, as these types of things occur when you have friends of every race and many ethnic groups with cultural ideals and personal qualms. As a person who came through the Sociology pipeline, this stuff makes me feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store. There’s so much that can be said and done with the observational data that you receive from such discussions. Where do you even begin?

My perspective has shifted over the years, but I have observed what the general public appears to be leaning toward, and I will say the following things:

Regardless of race, if a woman is on the thicker side (particularly if she is “hippy” and/or has a big butt), she is going to more than likely either naturally incline herself to Black or Latino and is much more likely to be approached by them than any other men.

— Big women (that is, beyond the standards of what constitutes one as “Thick”) still love skinny men. The physics of it all are not rocket science. Even a guy like me, who is a career C student in the science can do E = MC2 and all that jazz.

— As previously mentioned, women with stereotypical “Black/Latina” bodies are a lot more willing to date those men commensurately, and likewise be approached by them heavily.

— Black women who are educated, defy negative stereotypes regarding having children early/often out of wedlock and are not abusive verbally, drama-filled, etc. have fewer qualms about “Interracial” dating than Black women who proudly propagate and perpetuate negative stereotypes in every aspect of their lives.

Not rocket science. They are more exposed, cultured, educated and realize there is more to life than relegated themselves to a set of Chilli Standards (i.e. unrealistic demands from a man that doesn’t exist and is usually bringing more to the table than the requisitioner is doing so herself) and this tribal mentality that they can ONLY date/marry Black men.

I personally find a woman on equal footing — which, in this case would be one who is “exposed, cultured, educated and realize there is more to life” [than what the hood sells you] over trying to stick to this forced ideal that goes unspoken in the “Black Community”.

— Latina women are not monolithic, nor is any group of people. However, there is an interesting dichotomy. Part of it exists solely along the lines of skin complexion, then a a subset, there exists one based upon education and comportment. Apart from those, there is a divide that is based upon those who come from more urban-based families, versus those who come from the campo (countryside). There is no real predictor when it comes to Latinas in general, but as such, they seem to possess fewer qualms about who they will date (along racial lines) the more exposed they are culturally.

As an aside, the color caste divide is an ugly one, and often causes great friction between many members of the African diaspora, to which nearly 90% of all Latinos belong.

This is an entire set of columns unto themselves, as the facts cannot be denied (these are ugly truths).

— Black men are almost equally split in thirds: 1) The absolutely no goods who are nothing but trouble to whatever woman involves herself with them, 2) The ones who view themselves as a “commodity” of sorts and realizing how almost every race/ethnicity of woman is willing to get with you in college, they’re just as bad as the group mentioned in the first set and 3) The good ones who avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes, and defy all the statistics about education, caring for wives and children and are hard-working.

Interestingly, Black men can tell which group a guy belongs to almost off sight, and certainly after 5 minutes of breathing the same air with one another, but most women spend entire lifetimes never figuring it out. A very interesting potential study in and of itself. 

I could go on and on, as you know. But I want to leave room for input from my readers.

And as such… THOUGHTS?

2 thoughts on “Does Body Type Predispose You To Certain Racial/Ethnic Groups in Dating?

  1. CobaltChick March 17, 2014 / 11:18 PM

    I would argue that the last one could easily be argued for all men, not just Blacks. 😉


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