ALBUM REVIEW: Jim Jones’ “Capo”

ALBUM REVIEW: Jim Jones’ “Capo”

M.D. Wright



Jim Jones released his latest effort back in April of this year. I learned a few years ago to not make instant declarations to the negative about songs and albums without giving them fair listens. With that said, here is my personal (READ: PERSONAL) summation of the album “Capo”.


1. Intro (Feat. Sen City & Chink Santana).

A decent way to set it off. The production all around on this album was solid. Jones got back into his lane and stopped the delusions of thinking he could supplant Cam’ron as Dipset leader (is that even possible) or King of Harlem. This is what an intro is supposed to be — not long, not putting it all out there up front.


2. Deep Blue (Feat. Chink Santana).

Jones is known for these funky beats and the slower flow. Lyrically, he’s back with some of his best efforts around the 2002-2004 ad-lib/”On My Way to Church” era. “I’m not sayin’ I was Sosa wit it, I was so-so wit it”. Harlem wordplay still alive.


3. Carton of Milk (Feat. The Game).

You already know what this is about with The Game featured in the cameo. More funk, slow West Coast type music. Good track.


4. The Paper (Feat. Chink Santana).

Although the feel of the beats are similar on many of the tracks, it’s vintage Jones. He’s being true to himself again, and it’s good cruising music. Switched his flow up a bit on some southern type wave. Not bad.


5. Heart Attack (Feat. Sen City).

So Sen City has replaced Max B. as Jones’ hook-singing/Jones’ co-writer/rapper sidekick. Feels like some of those 2009 tracks that kind of had the city in a buzz a couple of summers ago.


6. Everybody Jones.

Don’t care for this at all. Sounds like a bunch of noise.


7. Drops Is Out (Feat. Sen City, Mel Matrix & Raekwon).

THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST TRACK ON THE ALBUM. Jones’ bars were on point, Matrix broke through like the old Byrd Gang/Purple City days. Shallah Raekwon on the slow flow for one of the few times ever and still killed it. The first time I spun this one I loved it immediately.


8. Let Me Fly (Feat. Rell).

Coulda done without this one. Slow flow only works when it has that aura/swagger to it, like many of Cam’ron’s post-2004 songs.


9. Getting to the Money (Feat. Lady H & Cam’ron).

If not the best (as “Drops Is Out” may have that title) this is definitely the second best track on the album. Lady H. is okay, nothing more than a newer version of Jha Jha. Jones’ ad-libs are back on par with his best days. Nothing extraordinary from his bars, though. Killa kills it with the hilarious line, “Khaled, they the ‘Best’, yes… WE THE WORST”. Overall very good track.


10. Take A Bow (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy & Sen City).

You are promised to have a great track with Banks and P. on a track. THIS ONE DIDN’T DISAPPOINT.


“Played the Heat before they needed Bosh!”


11. Perfect Day (Feat. Chink Santana & Logic).

A bit too Emo/Alternative to me. Bad Day to use this as the lead single, instead of “Getting to the Money”, “Drops Is OUt”, along with not putting “Shootouts” on this album.


12. Changing the Locks (Feat. Ashanti).

Strange mixture to have these two on a track (I doubt they were in the “boof” together). It’s not BAD, but it leaves you scratching your head. The beat is kind of annoying.


13. God Bless the Child (Feat. Wyclef Jean).

One of the top three tracks on this one. This has that Miami in the summer joints. Clef might not be worth a damn on the dolo tip anymore, but he is good for a hook here and there. Jones finally broke out of the funk that kind of plagued a few of the tracks in the middle of the album.


14. Itza.

I still don’t know how I feel about this one to this day, three months later. However, it does feel like one of those old 90s songs that they sampled in the beginning.


15. Baggage Claim (Feat. Sen City).

Starting to get stale again, but Sen needs to rap more and stop singing hooks. That’s Max B.’s wave (no pun intended, for people who even know where the whole “wave”/”wavy” saying came from in the first place).


16. Salute (Feat. The Diplomats).

If you’re going to put an old track from 2010 on this album, then why not put “Shootouts” on here? That particular track is still getting spins in the hood a year later.


17. Hockey Bag.

Decent track, but the production began to get stale as this album went on (or should I say, the arrangement of the tracks).


18. Dope Boi (Feat. Mel Matrix).

Could do without this one.


19. Bussa Move (Feat. Byrd Gang).

Pretty decent. Not excellent, but ends the album on a good note.



Decent production.

For the most part — properly aligned cameos.

Nods to fellow Diplomats.



Too many hooks sung by Sen City.

Too much filler.

Stale feel to the album at various junctures.



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