Black Fathers

Black Fathers

M.D. Wright


I read this earlier and became disheartened but also furious:

I’m sick of the propaganda, the massaging of statistics and the subsequent swaying of public opinion. It shapes mindsets, causes stereotypes to be developed and reinforced and doesn’t do anything to remedy the problem.


Slavery, in the technical, literal, old-fashioned sense, was “abolished” in 1865. Most of us know better, it didn’t truly end for another 80+ years in most places, especially the deep south.

Esoterically, there was always a series of movements taking place, either with groups like the KKK and other ancillary organizations who hated/hate Blacks and most non-Whites, government entities and special interest groups with deceptive names (and practices) whose bottom line agenda was the eradication of the African Diaspora. Strategically, systematically and as efficiently as possible.

You couldn’t literally chain and whip “slaves” anymore, so you withheld information and educational opportunities from the subsequent 5-6 generations. When that no longer worked and the last 2-3 generations obtained opportunities that they never had previously because of the newfound exposure to the education that was withheld from their grandparents, you found other ways to consistently tear the Black man away from his family. Sure, a good number willfully leave because they’re spineless pieces of sh*t (bare with me, I can’t stop cursing cold turkey, every little step helps) who would rather look out for their own personal and selfish interests than that of their offspring. Screw ’em.

But they don’t make up the majority, and that has very little to the institution of systematic practices that are designed to enslave (both mentally AND physically) the Black man.

You take away jobs, make everyone declare their “race” while completing job applications — for what? So you can discriminate to the point where you don’t even have to invite someone who identifies as a Black man — in for an interview?

The response, when jobs are scarce, and he has to go through the aforementioned bullshit only to get turned down — sometimes by someone with an awful poker face, who thought you were White when speaking to you over the phone, only to look like he/she was getting run for their valuables on the street when they saw you enter the office? What else IS there to do, in order to survive and have a chance to put food on your child’s table — but to pitch or do something else underground? I’ll never judge a dude who does, nor will I/never have I — snitch on one who does. He’s doing what he can. You intentionally cut off jobs, make it impossible to obtain loans to ‘start a business’, which is the catch phrase du jour, coming from people who won’t even do the same thing themselves.

Then you incarcerate him. He can almost forget getting any job unless it’s union labor or a FedEx route (ironically, upstanding guys can’t get a route with them, but 1 in 3 route drivers with FedEx and UPS have priors — GO FIGURE). Now that he has a record, you force him to tell the world on his application, which remains on file and can be used as evidence against him should any impropriety take place with or without causation on his part. As a result of his incarceration, he’s most likely had relations with another man, which plants a seed. Now we have a huge number of “down low” men who have been previously incarcerated — some of whom actually grew fond of the treatment and experiences therein, and begin living them out.

Why else does the Black male population have the highest increases in the number of STD rates? (I must issue a disclaimer and explain YET AGAIN, I do not have a problem with gay people, I respect them equally as anyone else, and I am cool with a few gay men and women — and that is sincerely spoken, not to avoid ending up with Isaiah Washington’s fate). Men who sleep with both women and men spread disease more than heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. The CDC confirms this. And where is it taking place most frequently?


That means more women (Black and otherwise) being unwittingly exposed and infected, children either born with diseases that were no fault of their own, or losing one or both parents due to disease and what have you. If not disease, then broken, violent homes with no stability and a dearth of resources.

If not that, then just a father who — like MOST MEN (myself included) consider ourselves to be worth less than the dirt underneath someone’s phlegm-filled hock spit when we cannot work — to the point where it drives us crazy and makes us feel incapable of caring for a wife/girlfriend and/or children; when we can’t even find a job to even care for ourselves minus the benevolence of others.

But all you hear is people — often non-Blacks — “complaining” or speaking out about the fact that Black fathers are largely absent. Bitter women, regardless of color, will steadfastly and readily agree just on the basis that you’re bashing the type of man that left her to raise a child alone. But for those of us who want to work, who have the intense desire to actually be a loving father, a (Mike Tyson Voice) “semi-good” husband, youamean? WHAT! I’m just a man trying to do my thing, and I just wanna just… live my life!” Well, what do you say to us who consistently get turned down for jobs — 80% of which we are VASTLY overqualified for, when we enter offices where our experience and academic exploits supersede the person interviewing us, the person doing the job that we once did in our sleep 7-8 years ago, the person who talks trash about you not having a job, and thinks you’re not trying to get one, because (SOMEHOW they believe that “getting public assistance is easy!” — yes, I got that one from someone who hasn’t had to struggle for shit in life, recently).

The general public likes to light into Black men, and a great number DESERVE IT. Pile on, even, because some of them know what they’re doing and are that selfish to the point that they don’t care.


Yes, there is a problem with the lack of Black fathers present in their child(ren)’s lives, but that doesn’t even begin to address the reason for the occurrence. As always, the problem is multi-faceted within the Black community. Open your eyes to what’s going on with these hiring practices, housing discrimination and the other systematic, domino-effect policies being put in place to ENSURE that the Black man is eradicated, and only a few “tolerable” tokens pass through.

Don’t look up in 2020 — if we’re still here — and say I didn’t tell you so.



2 thoughts on “Black Fathers

  1. Quinton Hill June 23, 2011 / 6:59 PM

    Well written, so true and very deeeep!


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