He That Findeth a Wife, Findeth a Good Thing

He That Findeth a Wife, Findeth a Good Thing

M.D. Wright



AS OF TODAY, I AM OFFICIALLY CHANGING MY APPROACH. None of those “Christian Dating Sites” for me. Instead, I’m going to enlist the help of my true Christian sisters to come together as a panel and weed out the fakes, commitment-phobes and those with double lives, and take the PROACTIVE approach to find my “Good Thing”.


Faith without commensurate works is dead. There are people who are “WAITING FOR GAWWWWD-UH!” and are superspiritualizing everything and running people off. I’m pragmatic in my approach, and, with aligned faith and belief in the LORD, my actions heretofore were not aligned.


WITH THAT SAID — NONE OF THAT “Stop looking, you’ll meet her when you least expect it” and “You’ve got all the time in the world”. I AM 32, NOT 22. SAVE IT.


However, I have made some changes since 2011 began, and I’ve made every attempt not to bring past bad habits with me into this year. I’ve done well in this endeavour. Going back to the pre-2005 version of me, when I was wholesome, had stopped cursing and was not a slag — was better for me. I was in Olympic physical shape, I wasn’t smoking, I was putting good things into my body and spirit and the results were commensurate, as life was flowing. Yes, there were trials; only a naive person expects to be struggle-free, but there has been a correlation between my rebellion against God and His Word and the resultant unheard of struggles that have repeatedly put me in dire straits in many areas of my life — something that has always been foreign to me, as I was pretty well-off before returning to college in 2005.


I no longer express my “type” or any “preference”, nor do I allow that to dictate to me nor anyone what I would like in a wife. However, I will remain honest to myself and know what I find attractive and what I do not find attractive in a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually. After all, I don’t want to box myself in and miss out on the absolute right woman for me by being stuck on a prototype. Most of you know what I like, so I don’t need to list it here, although I am urging you to keep in mind that I am NOT stuck on that.


What I am now seeking to comprise is a panel of trusted, true, good fruit-bearing Christian sisters to help me weed out the previously-encountered fakes, liars, cheats, those who live on both sides of the fence, commitment-phobes and women who haven’t let go of any exes.


In the presence of good counsel, there is safety and wisdom.


So with that, I shall commence.



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