2Q 2011 Update

2Q 2011 Update

M.D. Wright



As many of you know, I do quarterly self-evaluations, taking inventory of where I am in proximity to the weekly, monthly, quarterly and the annual goals that I set forth for myself each January. Yes, while everyone’s stuffing their faces with artery clogging food and drinks (as I partake as well), I am also forecasting and planning forth. Last year was one of the most tumultuous years on record in my 32 years; some absolute nadirs and apogees that I hadn’t previously experienced. It was like a combination of the wildest rides at Great Adventure and Carowinds thrown into one, shaken together and spat out to equal 365 days. Nothing but turbulence on even the best days.


Such is life.


I love it. I feel as though I have grown exponentially through these unprecedented trials and tribulations. I had the easiest, enviable life before I was 26 (the year I transferred from Long Island Univ. down to UNC Greensboro). In the six years since, I’ve had some eye openers to be sure.


Nevertheless, the first quarter is in the books, and we’re two months into the second quarter of “Oh’leven”.


I had planned to move over to Sugar Hill around the end of ’10, but a series of roadblocks prevented that. Dealing with my current school thus far in ’11 has not helped matters one bit, as I had to use every resource, cunning and contact available to me just to get them to release funding that was due to me THE DAY before the semester ended. Not began. ENDED.


To make matters worse, they shaved off 2/3 of what I was supposed to have received, because they decided to jack up our tuition rate in the middle of the academic year.


It’s like a full-time job just dealing with these hacks on a daily basis.


Throw that in with a very intense and compacted 2 year programme being crunched into one year, with only periodic breaks and three contiguous semesters running from September of last year until, well, September of this year (we have a 250+ page thesis AND professional development plan due by the end of September) and you’re just beginning to understand why son almost had to rush over to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with heart attack symptoms.


You really find out who’s in your corner when you’re in those types of binds. People begin whispering, plotting behind your back while smiling in your face, acting as if they’re your ally, when they’re going to prove to be Judases at any moment when the opportunity eventually presents itself. That’s all good. Christ endured it, so I surely can.


However, the plan for June is very clear:


1. I need to move ASAP.

This has been well-documented over the past 3-4 months.


2. I am shifting my focus from 24/7 Real Estate.

I’ve got some other moves up my sleeve that I am putting into motion as we speak. And effectively networking has opened the door for an opportunity that will actually help me achieve objective #1 much sooner. I will always be available to serve as a referral for friends and friends of friends moving to New York — as well as my regular Gold Star Properties clients, but real estate will not be my sole focus 18 hours a day, as it has been for the past two months.


3. I have decided to stick it out and get a second Masters, beginning in September ’11.

I have a file at two CUNY schools, and Fordham, and I just have to alert them whether I plan to enroll for the fall or not. For a while, after a strenuous Spring semester — which culminated with a group project, a write-up for a presentation, then two case studies and two presentations all within a 17-day period, I was NOT warm to that idea.


But after spending a week down in North Carolina, I am rejuvenated and ready to get back to it.


April was a very eventful month, and a great deal of the work mentioned in Objective #3 took place during that month. I was stressed to the point of exhaustion and anxiety attacks.


Thankfully, I have parents and other relatives who pray for me.


Yes, yes, yes, I know I make it look easy to some of you all, I don’t ever have a frazzled, zooted, spaced-out look on my face, and even when I’m home, I APPEAR to be lounging and chilling, but accomplishing so much that it would make your head spin if you saw it all — but having said all that, I DO feel stress. And being a hustler at age 32 is not a good look when you’re trying to continue building the foundation to make room for a wife and later a family.


One day at a time with these written goals. One day at a time.



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