Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

M.D. Wright



Yeah, yeah, yeah, you have heard it said. You have probably even heard faint explanations from both sides as to why it occurs, but the fact still remains — in an ever-female-friendly society, you’d think a lot of the stigmas as to why women lie in the way they do would dissipate a bit. But no.


As the sayings go,


“Men lie high, women lie low.”


True stories. But why?


Men, for the most part, if they are “chasin’ skirt” are always looking to have a reason to brag about conquests. And after they’ve notched quite a few, they’ll expect more. The problem is, unless you’re rich, famous or look like someone who is famous with the aura to make up for the lack of “richness”, then you are going to have inevitable dry spells. That’s the average guy. So what happens is, they’ll exaggerate a few scenarios where they never did more than kiss or fondle a chick and then go around telling his boys that he got topped off or beat.


But seriously, once you’re over 25, who keeps track of how many (or few) people they’ve slept with ha? Unless you’re below 10 and willfully so, you’d be trying to keep it there, you’d think. But I’ve been around guys, and I hear them and their preposterous stories at times. Yeah, maybe you had 27, but why lie and say 47 ha?


As far as women go, I’ve lived long enough to know when a lot of them are lying. Especially when women can get in and get out a lot easier without showing virtually any signs they bopped. And unless you’re supremely keen (or paranoid, as her man or something) you wouldn’t know that a woman has even been with anyone. They’re sneaky.


However, what is funny to me is the ones who lie LOW. You know how it is with some women. They get smashed drunk at a party and end up letting an unsavory dude beat. She wakes up with him the next day and would rather forget it.

Or they go on a school trip and get wild and crazy, do some things that apparently they wish they hadn’t with guys they wish they hadn’t and will “point shave” the number of guys they’ve been with. Why? Because someone may look at you and think and/or accuse you of being a whore ha? If you’re doing what you want to do without worrying about what others think (which is what sooooooo many fake-confident people claim they’re doing) why would you care?


What about the situations where they had BAD sex and don’t want it to count towards their “number”? You know women do that. Men, doesn’t matter if she is a BIGGUN or some ugly broad with Baraka teeth, he won’t shave points ha. But I’ve had a ton of female acquaintances. Some of them were very sexually active. I didn’t condemn nor unrighteously judge them. On the contrary, if they are doing THEM, then I have more respect for them than the SLAGS who lie, try to hide what they do, or flat out lie and live double lives.


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