Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?
M.D. Wright

I ask, because I really want to know. There are people who:

1. Went to school with me, but only passed me in the hallways or common areas, but think they know my life story.
2. Are related to me, but have only seen me a half dozen times in life — yet think they know everything about me.
3. People who know my parents in passing, and believe that by-proxy, they know me as well.
4. Have contact with relatives of mine — which are everywhere — and rattle on and on about me, only for it to get back to me and I’m sitting here saying “Who’s that???”
5. Get a little tidbit of information, which may or may not be true — and take it and run with it.

Face it, if you never see me and I’m within tangible distance of you, it is because I would rather not deal with you beyond the superficial. That goes for everyone: acquaintances, co-workers, classmates, people I once went to school with, relatives near and far or what have you. You don’t even know my parents, yet you’re spouting off about a couple of things you heard about me FROM them and think you know anything about me; when, in reality, we haven’t spent as much as two days total in the same space at the same time in my lifetime?


You cannot associate with someone solely with where you met them or “know” them from, because the majority of time you’ll be wrong. And don’t be upset when your assumptions are therefore proven wrong. Despite the stuff I post on here, which some may believe to be “TMI”, there’s so much more — even basic, generic information that you will never see here. That goes for “Facebook Friends”, people I went to LIU, UNCG, Smith, Mt. Zion, First Baptist with, relatives, whoever.

Please do not ever try to pull my card or play my face (and have the nerve to think you’re smart enough to think I don’t see you just because I don’t flip out when you do it), because it is the ultimate show of disrespect and that’s my last big “FUCK YOU” for OH-TEN.

If you’re not around me and you have to rely upon ancient stories from 20 years ago or some hearsay from “relatives” then shut the fuck up.

Thank you.


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