2010 NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

WHAT A WEEK. Some big time shaking up taking place in the Top 10. This is when the season gets good. ALL the games mean something in the grand scheme of things and it seems as though the SNF slate is Prime Rib, New York Cut; beginning this week with New York Football Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles AT Lincoln Financial Field. I’m Ready like Barbara Mason and The Diplomats.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (6-3).
With all due respect to the Falcons and Jets, the Eagles are playing the best football right now in the NFL. And since this is “POWRE” rankings, and not “TALENT” rankings or “RECORD” rankings, this is fitting. I don’t even find it hard to admit this because Michael Vick is my SON and he shoved it down the throat Biggie style on PETA, those foolish women’s groups and all the other (hypocritical) haters out there. Now, he can calm all that down in Weeks 11 and 14, but otherwise, I wish him the absolute best continually from hereafter.

2. Atlanta Falcons (7-2).
They’re winning, but they still don’t pass the vaunted MD Wright EYE TEST. Beware. There’s something about this team that I keep saying every year. One of their final 3 losses this year (and how they lose their playoff game) will show you what I’ve been saying. But for now, they’re as hot as anyone.

3. New England Patriots (7-2).
They own Pittsburgh. By virtue of smacking the so-called “best defense”/”best team” for 39 points in Week 10, they get the nod over the Jets. FOR NOW.

4. New York Jets (7-2).
It hasn’t been pretty since their BYE, but give the Jets credit, they would have lost these past two games last year or any of the past 40 years. They’ve shown moxie despite a new boatload of unwarranted outta town haters.

5. New York Football Giants (6-3).
A few things for the haters to digest:

1. Never play the “well, so and so beat Team A, so that means losing to Team B is disgraceful” angle.
2. Week 10 vs. Dallas was an aberration; the Giants have owned the Cowboys since Bill Parcells left. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.
3. It has been widely discussed from those of us who dissect film that the big plays that the Cowboys got vs. the Giants (except the Felix Jones 71 yard screen play for a TD) were plays the Cowboys have not run this year; and that new head coach Jason Garrett was sand-bagging from the play-calling aspect to get Wade Phillips fired so that he could get the job. I don’t know the veracity of that; because he could have been canned along with Phillips. But a week of practicing in pads and strict policies is not going to make a team all of a sudden… I dunno… TRY to play football. They did a lot of things schematically different in Week 10 and that’s that. The Giants game-planned for what the Cowboys have shown in the past 3 1/2 years. Don’t blame Perry Fewell (except the fact he should have adjusted once he recognized they deviated from what they’ve done against the Giants since 2007).

Anyone who calls the Giants overrated (still leading the NFC in both rushing and passing and the entire NFL in total defense DESPITE a 500 yard effort by Dallas) is a moron who deserves to be pushed out of a speeding car on the Turnpike in rush hour.

6. Green Bay Packers (6-3).
As hot as anyone right now, but they MUST end Minnesota’s season next week.

7. Baltimore Ravens (6-3).
“They do this”. A phrase that applies to both the Ravens and Giants. The Ravens losing in the manner that they did surprised no one who truly knows football.

8. New Orleans Saints (6-3).
We’ll see if they’re for real after playing pretty well over the past four games.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3).
Can we knock it off with the nonsense about them being the best at ANYTHING (but stopping the run?) The Steelers get owned by great QBs and especially great QBs who see 3-4 defenses in practice (Brady) or are just great against any defense (#18). Their pass defense is barely pedestrian and truthfully, always has been since (ironically) their offense has become pass-happy. Exposed once again by Brady.

10. Indianapolis Colts (6-3).
Rebounded from a tough 2 point (something Eagles fans try to overlook) loss and held on against a game Bengals team being held back by (you guessed it) Carson Palmer’s INTs and overall bad play.

11. Oakland Raiders (5-4).
You can’t gain in the Powre Rankings and be on a BYE unless everyone ahead of you loses (i.e. being in the Top 5), but the Raiders are in the driver’s seat in the AFC West. WHO KNEW?

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3).
I’m happy for Raheem Morris. People were calling him every kind of name last year when he had the EMPTIEST of cupboards last season. He’s drafted, coached and signed free agents about as well as anyone; and is getting the most out of his guys. They haven’t beaten anyone (although they were a Warrick Dunn in ’95 vs. UVa fall at the 1 yard line from beating NFC South-leading Atlanta in Week 9), but they still have a 6-3 record. You still gotta beat who ya play.

BTW, has there EVER been a better logo/uniform than the vintage Bucs???

13. San Diego Chargers (4-5).
Scoff if you want, but HERE THEY COME.

14. Chicago Bears (6-3).
Lovie Smith ought to change his name to Criss Angel I swear. Does any team ever win more games than they have no business winning? Or with smoke and mirrors than the Bears? Cutler should have thrown 5 INT on Sunday, indeed threw 2 and only truly did the Bears win because BRETT FAVRE THREW THREE MORE COSTLY INTERCEPTIONS; bringing “Games the Vikings Lost in Which Favre is At Least 90% the Culprit” to… well, 6!

15. Tennessee Titans (5-4).
I told you this team was not going anywhere fast. 5-2 was deceptive and I said they would be AT BEST a 9-7 team. Even with Britt back, that offense is only going to experience inertia with the way they play musical chairs at QB (and neither one of them being that good — especially Young; whose passer rating was as deceptive as a Hollywood starlet’s makeup).

Michael Vick’s is 100% legit, however.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4).

17. Miami Dolphins (5-4).
Hey, at least they won. They flip flop the rest of the year and finish 8-8. Fitting for that team. Tyler Thigpen will be better than either Pennington or Henne has been, however.

18. Seattle Seahawks (5-4).
The Seabags stink on the road. Until Okung is 100%, I don’t trust them to even be competitive on the road.

19. Houston Texans (4-5).

20. Kansas City Chiefs (5-4).
Fading fast. Need to run the ball. Matt Cassel is going to cost you just as many games as he will keep you in (notice I didn’t say WIN).

21. Washington Redskins (4-5).
Mike Shanahan is looking a lot like Joe Gibbs in Gibbs’ second time around with the Skins (i.e. the GAME HAS PASSED HIM). 59-28 (could have been 80) DEAR GOD.

22. St. Louis Rams (4-5).
They’ve given away two games in LITERALLY the last second in the past 3 weeks.

23. San Francisco 49ers (3-6).
Told you, they’re not quite San Diego, but they’ll finish 8-8 or 9-7 and win the division after all. Cards fans are suddenly quiet after gaining some cockiness (based upon what, I still want to know) earlier before their current 5 game losing streak.

24. Cleveland Browns (3-6).
Those are the type of loses that send a team to an 0-6 finish to the season. Don’t be surprised if the Browns finish that way, either.

25. Minnesota Vikings (3-6).
Favre has cost them every game they’ve lost.

26. Denver Broncos (3-6).
What was THAT all about? They couldn’t muster that kind of output (49) in 4 games. Was McDaniels videotaping Chiefs’ practices like he did when he was cheating in New England? SHEESH.

27. Arizona Cardinals (3-6).
Yeah, so much for all that talk, huh? They will be lucky to win 6. LIKE I SAID IN PRESEASON.

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-7).
Get rid of Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer and this is an 11-5 team even with a say, JON KITNA back at QB. Palmer is a TRAIN WRECK.

29. Buffalo Bills (1-8).
OFF THE SCHNEID! Although I wanted them to go 0-16.

30. Detroit Lions (2-7).
Enough with this talk, Lions fans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoknTm9qMR0

31. Dallas Cowboys (2-7).
They’ll lose to the team directly above them in the rankings next week. WATCH.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-8).


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