2010 NBA Current Top 5 Point Guards 

2010 NBA Current Top 5 Point Guards 
M.D. Wright

We love debating our sports, don’t we? Why? There’s almost never a consensus and even with your best buddies, you are going to disagree more than you agree (believe it or not, it’s true). But I’m going to talk about who I believe the Top 5 Point Guards are in the NBA at the moment. IN ORDER. You are going to disagree. Please do not assail me with your words if you do, because if you do, I might assail you with my fists.

1. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls.

“Watch the Bull creep, D. Rose with it.. coach/player, shave points, Pete Rose with it” – VADO.

I’ll leave the stat-hacking to the geeks and chumps who can’t play ball and don’t know how to give point guards the EYE TEST. This dude rips it up better than anyone else. He gets to the basket easier than anyone. He hasn’t had the best shooters in the world on his team and still racks up assists. He gets boards and his “J” has steadily improved each year. His stats early on in the 2010-2011 are numbers that can truly be maintained throughout the season without dropoff. He’s THAT good. And when you have the ball 90% of the time for your team, why wouldn’t you be able to do so with that ability and talent?

2. Deron Williams, Utah Jazz.

People have their preferences in teams and styles of play, but he and Derrick Rose are quite similar. Williams’ jump shot is better, but that’s about the only area he is better than Rose. He’s of good size pause and can get to the hole almost whenever he wants. You’d like to see what he could do with a legitimate big man (although Al Jefferson is truly one of those and is not getting maximum output from his talent level at the moment).

3. Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets.

Somewhat overlooked over the past couple of seasons due to being on awful teams and injuries on the personal side, but Paul is still up there. He’s consistent all around and has proven over the five seasons he has been in the NBA that he is going to be one of the all-time greats if he can remain healthy. He does not QUITE have the ability to score the way Rose can and does not possess the outside shooting ability of Williams, which is why I have to rate him a slight step below (this 1-5 ranking is virtually splitting hairs, for those who act like I’m putting Andre Miller and his BASIC GAME up here or something).

4. Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics.

Rondo is putting up numbers FOR THE AGES out of the gate in 2010-2011, but concerns still persist about his ability to shoot effectively and score when the team needs it. Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals was a perfect example of this. If Rondo’s jump shot and free throw shooting were even remotely dependable, the Celtics would have won the NBA Championship in June. But alas, his J isn’t dependable and they lost.

People typically aren’t able to be objective when it comes to sports and teams they love/hate, but this is rather easy for me when conducting these lists. I rather like Rondo as a player. I famously hate Boston teams in general, but his ability to make everyone on that Celtics team a scorer is unreal. And that has nothing to do with my fanship.

5. Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks.

Yes, Kidd is still the man. Even going on 38 in March, he fills up the stat sheet. And why wouldn’t he, with Dirk Nowitzki there? Never accused of being a good shooter, Kidd has dazzled those of us who have watched him play for nearly 20 years with his precise passing and eye-popping assist totals over the years. He still gets it done (except when they need him to make an open jump shot, something that has cost his teams at least one NBA Championship, a fighter’s chance in another, and a separate chance to at least make a push for one last season).



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