Disturbing Fashion Trends of Late

Disturbing Fashion Trends of Late
M.D. Wright

You know, I’m no limpwrist fashionista. But I do notice things with some of these “trends” in the streets. Unfortunately, some of it has crept Uptown. I really do feel as though some people try too hard to be avant-garde. Some people just don’t care (sandals in 42 degree temps and/or cold rain?) More on that in a second. I’ll have some questions for my readers to answer for me at the end of this, because I am completely flummoxed being a shirt and tie or jeans and whatever type of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I have my tastes (A|X, Polo Rugby, etc.) but I don’t OD with it. I like to remain understated. But I do know that is a matter of personal taste and everyone should be free to express themselves through their attire.

The problem (or should I say, MY problem) is when people are following trends; trying to live vicariously through some wack rapper or someone they see on TV quite often. That’s embarrassing. If you’re over 21 and do this, I’ve got some Motor Oil for ya — Castrol 10W-40 or Diesel, your choice. *CHEERS!*

1. Tight Pants and Cardigan Sweaters.
Come on, 5 — STOP IT. It’s one thing for White dudes to wear this style, but do you know how often I see it up here ha? And with the sweater WILD TIGHT? And the jeans DUMB SAGGY and extra tight? WTF is that?


2. Sandals In Cold Weather/Rain.
Oh yeah, I’m coming for you. There’s no excuse for not knowing what the weather is going to be before leaving home anymore. NO EXCUSE. You look about as idiotic as she does with that look on her face with the rest of us shivering with 3 layers and skullies on and you’re parading around in shorts, flip flops/sandals and an NYU hoodie. KNOCK IT OFF. If you want P-New-Moan-Ya, then be my guest, but stay home when you get it. Don’t get on the 1 line barking like a wild Alaskan Malamute when you do develop it. The rest of us value our health. That’s why we don’t wear sandals (at all, in my case) or flip flops in the rain and cold. Morons.

3. Tru Religion Jeans (and those of their ilk) and You Live In the Projects and Sleep on Your Grandma’s Pull-Out (pause) Couch With the Plastic Still On It
Someone PLEASE explain this disgrace to me? If you live in those projects I just posted (if you recognize them), this ain’t no shot at you. But spending $200+ on MULTIPLE pairs of jeans, minks, fly kicks and livin’ with your grandmoms? As Keyshawn Johnson says on NFL Countdown, “CAMMONE, MANNNNNNN!!!”

I could go on and on with this, but I’ll leave this up to my readers. This is just a conversation starter ha. God knows I can list about 20 things I see every day that make me wanna leap in front of an oncoming A train. Let me hear what you gotta say about this.
Honorable Mention:
— Scuffed Timbs with fresh sweaters and jeans
— Wild mismatched colors for absolutely no reason
— Scullies in the summertime (lice like a muhfucka)
— Working out without socks in your gym shoes
— Walking around the city with nothing but a beater and shorts on and trying so hard to make it look like you brolic

And what have you…


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