2010 NFL Week 7 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 7 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Loving the Giants’ effort playing up to par on both sides of the ball (still room for improvement on offense, because we are still a 28-30 PPG team when playing up to capability). Let’s get to the overall rankings.

1. New York Jets.
Say what you want, but they are two points away from being undefeated right now.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers.
The Steelers are going to be the team to beat as long as Roethlisberger does not become pass-happy and they remain healthy on defense.

3. Indianapolis Colts.
Somehow they continue to overcome their injuries and keep winning.

4. New York Football Giants.
The Giants rank in the Top 3 in all relevant categories on both sides of the ball. And Osi Umenyiora leads the NFL with 7 forced fumbles and is 2nd (to soon-to-be-the-next-Brian Cushing) with 8 sacks.

5. New England Patriots.
Hate them if you want, but good teams DO capitalize on horrific/lazy play-calling and blown 10 point leads late in games.

6. Tennessee Titans.
I am obligated to rank them here, not because they’re THAT good.

7. New Orleans Saints.
Same here.

8. Atlanta Falcons.
I tend to believe Week 6’s loss was an aberration.

9. Baltimore Ravens.
They have looked bad in their two losses. Their offense only appears to be good on paper, or maybe their offensive coordinator holds them back much like the Giants’ does.

10. Houston Texans.
Huge comeback win in Week 6 to avoid questions about their resiliency.

11. Philadelphia Eagles.
Unless you’re an Iggles fan, you’re seriously waiting for the other shoe to drop (as long as Vick isn’t the starter). SF and ATL have made Kolb look like Joe Montana.

12. Chicago Bears.
Smoke and mirrors, baby…

13. Washington Redskins.
Hard fought loss to the Colts is nothing to be ashamed of.

14. Green Bay Packers.
Fading fast, injuries and all.

15. St. Louis Rams.
I haven’t had them ranked this highly in years.

16. Miami Dolphins.
I hate the way they play football.

17. Kansas City Chiefs.
The only thing holding them back is Matt Cassel.

18. Arizona Cardinals.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
They’re better, but those losses have been absolute bloodbaths.

20. Minnesota Vikings.
TOUGH win on Sunday. But they still have room for improvement offensively. They need Young Sid back.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars.
YIKES. And Garrard has a concussion as well.

22. Seattle Seahawks.

23. Cincinnati Bengals.
Carson Palmer sucks.

24. San Diego Chargers.
The Bolts embarrass me.

25. Oakland Raiders.
When are they going to get over the hump?

26. Denver Broncos.
That’s more like it.

27. San Francisco 49ers.
They’re better than 1-5. Finally got off the schnide.

28. Detroit Lions.
I don’t know that Stafford would be any better than Shaun Hill right now.

29. Dallas Cowboys.

30. Cleveland Browns.
They didn’t look half bad Sunday. But the Steelers are not the team you want to face right now.

31. Buffalo Bills.
At least they had the week off. No carnage for a week.

32. Carolina Panthers.


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