2010 NFL Week 6 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 6 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Took a week off, but here are the rankings for Week 6…

1. New York Jets.
They keep getting it done.

2. Baltimore Ravens.
Still waiting to see their offense take off, though. Defense playing over its head.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers.

4. Atlanta Falcons.
They have a chance to gain some respect from me this weekend.

5. New England Patriots.
Lead the league in scoring, you stand a good chance to be ranked highly.

6. Indianapolis Colts.
You get the feeling they are missing that 5th/6th gear on both sides of the ball…

7. Kansas City Chiefs.
Nothing bad about that loss. They held the Colts in check.

8. Houston Texans.
Can’t knock them for that loss.

9. Chicago Bears.

10. Philadelphia Eagles.
Impressive win in Week 5, even if it WAS 0-5 San Francisco.

11. Washington Redskins.
Win ugly, lose ugly.

12. New York Football Giants.
Another week or two (with our tough slate over the next 4-5 weeks) of the Giants’ offense coming around will propel them to the Top 5.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

14. Tennessee Titans.

15. Green Bay Packers.
Will continue to say they are not as good as they were touted. People act like Rodgers (with all of his ability) is enough to carry them.

16. New Orleans Saints.
They’re smarting. Namely Brees. But Sharper is still out at least another week (eligible to come off PUP). They’re not lucky and “opportunistic” anymore. And none of their wins are impressive.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars.

18. Miami Dolphins.
8-8 team in the making. There are several of these teams in the NFL this year that will alternate wins and losses virtually every week.

19. San Diego Chargers.
The Bolts need to tighten up (no pun) if they expect to win the division outright.

20. Cincinnati Bengals.
Two BAD losses in a row.

21. Oakland Raiders.
Still waiting for them to put it together for two straight games.

22. Minnesota Vikings.
I expect them to right the ship vs. Dallas.

23. Denver Broncos.
The B-Men can only pass the ball. Not gonna work in the NFL.

24. Arizona Cardinals.
Still no impressive wins. The Saints were only going to be a 10-win team at best REGARDLESS this year; and they STILL should be 0-5.

25. St. Louis Rams.
Their downfall from here may be steep.

26. Detroit Lions.
They try SO HARD.

27. Seattle Seahawks.
The Seabags are the most disparate team in the NFL when it comes to playing at home vs. the road.

28. Cleveland Browns.
They’re getting more consistent, but I’m not sure if that continues vs. PIT in Week 6.

29. San Francisco 49ers.
They’re due to get off the schnide this week.

30. Dallas Cowboys.
No exaggeration. They look as bad as the Bills and Panthers.

31. Buffalo Bills.
They give up 180 yards a game rushing DEAR GOD.

32. Carolina Panthers.
John Fox doesn’t deserve this.


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