2010 NFL Top 10 RBs (Thus Far)

2010 NFL Top 10 RBs (Thus Far)
M.D. Wright

I said I wasn’t going to get sucked in, but after reading this I could not resist. What a BS list. DeAngelo Williams being up there is an utter embarrassment — especially when there are two guys who definitely SHOULD be on that list.

At any rate, here is MY list:

1. Adrian Peterson, MIN.
No discussion allowed.

2. Chris Johnson, TEN.
Leading the NFL in…

RUSHES. Not Rush-ING. Not a good sign for a guy who is barely 185 lbs. So much for that 2,500 business and being better than Young All Day.

3. Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG.
He carries us. With Jacobs being rendered ineffective until the ends of games (when they’re decided either way) and the WRs giving the ball away in 3 games with INTs (although 44 himself has fumbled twice in the red zone this year) he is 2nd only to Adrian Peterson in the NFC in rushing.

4. Rashard Mendenhall, PIT.
He will need to be the Steelers’ Offensive MVP if they are to be winners this year. If Roethlisberger comes back on his Pass-Happy Campaign like ’09, they will go on a .250 run over the next 8 games.

5. LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ.
As a huge fan myself, I’m even surprised at how fresh he is. I saw it in preseason, and even though I gave him the benefit of the doubt in ’08 and ’09 with the injuries and pitiful offensive line in San Diego, I didn’t think he’d come back looking as good as he did (pause) in ’06.

6. Michael Turner, ATL.
Quietly on page for over 1,300 yards.

7. Ray Rice, BAL.
He can do it all. Would be higher up, but he’s been nicked.

8. Arian Foster, HOU.
Came out of nowhere this year, but is doing his thing. Not a factor in the passing game as all the others before him (aside from Turner).

9. Steven Jackson, STL.
Just a shame he’s wasted his prime on awful teams. By the time the Rams are regularly competitive again, all these nicks and bumps will have caught up to him.

10. Peyton Hillis, CLE/Frank Gore, SF (tie).
Other than a few spotty highlights from QB Seneca Wallace, Hillis is the only reason the Browns stay in games.

Gore provides a dual attack for a paltry SF offense that features the worst starting QB in the NFC. Enough said.


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