2010 NFL Week 5 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 5 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Powre Rankings. Week 5. Let’s go.

Side Note: I know some knucklehead will STILL not read this and mistake POWRE RANKINGS for “TEAM WITH THE BEST RECORD” or who they think is the best team, subjectively. This is based upon how teams show week to week; with streaks and explosive games taken into effect, not who is 3-1 or 4-0.

1. Baltimore Ravens.
They’ve have a tough slate through the first quarter of the season. And they’ve beaten two top 5 teams in the process.

2. New York Jets.
As time goes on, Week 1 — which wasn’t a bad loss to begin with — seems to be an anomaly for young Mark Sanchez, who has been vindicated somewhat since.

3. Kansas City Chiefs.
We will see what they are made of with an angry (but depleted) Colts team on the docket in Week 5.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Roethlisberger is not the salve that their fans think he will be. They’d better continue running the ball, because if they get pass happy like they were last year, they’re going to be a .500 team again.

5. Houston Texans.
The Dallas game was all about matchups (which all NFL games are). The Cowboys match up better with the Texans than teams like the Colts and Raiders do defensively. Matt Schaub has a chance to really prove himself to a wide swath of viewers if he can duplicate his efforts from Week 4 against the best defensive line in football in Week 5.

6. New Orleans Saints.
I still say they should be 0-4, but they’re good AND lucky. And I hear people saying “they’re not getting ‘opportunistic turnovers’ right now”. RIGHT. You can’t RELY on that. Those in and of themselves are LUCKY to begin with. The Saints should have lost 6 games last year at least. They will this year.

7. San Diego Chargers.
Two blowout wins and two baffling losses (although the first one was not shameful in any way).

8. New England Patriots.
Took advantage of the only special teams that rivals the Giants for NFL WORST — which is what good teams should do. They scored 41 versus a decent team outputting an atrocious effort; the Giants scored 17 against an all-time worst first half (with regards to offensive line protection) and most of it late in the game. Again, good teams capitalize.

9. Washington Redskins.
Yes, they’re 2-2, and were coming off two losses — but the win vs. Philadelphia was huge in several ways for them.

10. Green Bay Packers.
Still waiting for the people who tout them to come back to earth. They should have lost to the Lions in Week 4; their offense is electric, but John Kuhn won’t do it every week — and that defense is the epitome of “opportunistic”.

11. Cincinnati Bengals.
Ugly loss to one of the worst teams in football.

12. Atlanta Falcons.
I see they won in Week 4, but they were being manhandled at different junctures in that game. Remove the expected blowout of the Cardinals and you don’t see too much in the way of anything impressive about this team. Sure, they beat the Saints, (Brees has an MCL injury, which has shown in the Saints’ last two games) but they aren’t that good. Just average.

13. Indianapolis Colts.
Yes, you can slide 12 points in my rankings. They lost Sunday, and that accounted for 5 slots alone, because of who they lost to — a below average team. But they also lost their replacement (for Bob Sanders) starting safety, Melvin Bullitt for the season. The Colts already fare near the worst in the league vs. the run and the pass, and it is only going to get worse. Peyton Manning will have to pass the ball 50 times a game and be forced to outscore everyone every week. If they cannot do it against the Chiefs, this ranking will be justified.

14. New York Football Giants.
Spots 10-24 in these rankings are so evenly matched that 5-7 plays in a game can sway their records from 6-10 to 10-6, or make them an 8-8 team, or cause them to rise and fall one week to the next in the rankings by several spots. But 10 sacks (could’ve and should’ve been at least 15), regardless of the ineptitude of the offense — which is troubling; given the reliance upon said offense to score 28 PPG as has been custom over Coughlin’s tenure — is not something to overlook. The Bears’ offensive line is not the worst in football, and only 3 of the Cutler sacks were truly due to his holding the ball too long. The Giants’ defensive line rotation is just THAT good and it has been in every game except the Colts game (which a completely different scheme was used with mostly nickel and dime packages all game — which renders that game an outlier/anomaly, not a barometer to measure the defense). Aside from that, Week 4 tallied the 2nd and 3rd QBs the Giants have killed this year (Matt Moore) and the defense alone catapulted them 9 spots.

15. Dallas Cowboys.
Incomplete ranking right now.

16. Minnesota Vikings.
Same here, although a pending Randy Moss reunion and Sidney Rice’s return in 3-4 weeks could mean a top 5 Vikings team easily.

17. Chicago Bears.
They’re not as bad as they looked Sunday, but they have far too many moving parts along their offensive line to be consistent.

18. Detroit Lions.
They try so hard.

19. Oakland Raiders.
They should be 3-1, but Week 4 was one loss that cannot be viewed as “last second” or “heartbreaker”. They weren’t really in it and the score deceives, but they should definitely be 3-1.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Incomplete. Two wins against the only two teams ranked worse than they beginning the season, and a blowout before the bye.

21. Philadelphia Eagles.
Bad home loss, not only on the scoreboard, but because they lost Vick for probably two games — two games they’re almost certainly going to lose; especially if Pat Willis kills Kolb in Week 5.

22. Miami Dolphins.
23. Jacksonville Jaguars.
24. Denver Broncos.
25. Tennessee Titans.

26. Cleveland Browns.
Nice win.

27. St. Louis Rams.
I would put them higher, but their wins haven’t been that impressive.

28. Seattle Seahawks.
Putrid, but they try hard. They acquired Marshawn Lynch on Tuesday, so they’re not content with buoying week to week.

29. Arizona Cardinals.
They should be 0-4.

30. San Francisco 49ers.
They look awful, although they had a chance to win every game they’ve played (other than the opener).

31. Buffalo Bills.
The Bills try so hard, but they have the same situation that the Panthers have ownership-wise, and they’re cash-strapped. And they have had awful coaches since Levy left. Hanging 30 on the Patriots was no accident.

32. Carolina Panthers.
John Fox should quit now and save himself the shame. He’s better than this, but Jerry is cheap and won’t spend to make the team better.


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