2010 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

M.D. Wright


This is going to be one of those hit ‘n’ run versions…

1. Indianapolis Colts.

I don’t have to hear about the Saints anymore, and knock it off with the Bears nonsense. Cutler should’ve thrown at leasta 5 INT in Week 3 and probably WILL in Week 4.

2. New York Jets.

They have looked more like the heralded team entering the season over the past two weeks, after Week 1 (which was not a bad loss by any means).

3. Kansas City Chiefs.

They are FOR REAL and I told you all even late last season that they would build upon what they did last year.

4. Chicago Bears.

Whatever. Smoke and mirrors.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Haven’t impressed me one bit. But if they win in Week 4, then I will be.

6. Green Bay Packers.

They did everything in their power to give the Week 3 game to the Bears, and the Bears gladly obliged and took the gift.

7. Houston Texans.

Despite the Dallas loss in Week 3, they’re going to be here all year.

8. Baltimore Ravens.

They need to address their offensive sluggishness ASAP. Ray Rice being nicked up does not help matters, either.

9. Philadelphia Eagles.

They’re finally being put to the test after Week 1’s loss. The Skins will play them tough and there’s tons of motivation all around here, so expect everyone’s best game and a true barometer of where these teams are respectively.

10. Cincinnati Bengals.

They have a soft slate, but hey, wins are wins.

11. New Orleans Saints.

They should be 0-3 to be perfectly honest. Ridiculous number of official-aided calls in Week 1. More of the same in Week 2 and finally lost in Week 3.

12. Miami Dolphins.

Chad Henne looks like the QB that Jets haters accused Mark Sanchez of being…

13. Atlanta Falcons.


14. New England Patriots.

Not really impressed with them. I said all offseason they are very one-dimensional. They can light up the skies, but they get lit up the same way against even halfway decent offenses.


15. Seattle Seahawks.

I can’t figure the Seabags out. Sure, it’s just 3 games, and like Bill Parcells used to say, “ya’are what ya’are” usually by midseason, but they’ve beaten San Francisco, lost to DENVER??? and beaten San Diego. It doesn’t make sense.

16. Arizona Cardinals.

Ugly “wins”, but nonetheless sit “atop” the division with Seattle.

17. Tennessee Titans.

Gift-wrapped win in Week 3, but what have you otherwise…

18. Washington Redskins.

Must-win for them next week.

19. Dallas Cowboys.

Their bye week coming early can either be time to fix their joke of an offense, or be proof that they had us all fooled (those of us who picked them to win the division by maybe 2 games).

20. Minnesota Vikings.

They are probably set to move forward in October and then get young Sid back for November.

21. San Diego Chargers.

You know they always start slowly. They don’t have the big names they had in the pasta 6-7 years though. I still think they reel off 8 in a row and finish the season winning 11 out of 13 somehow.

22. Detroit Lions.

Unluckiest team in the league. The refs hate them and they get tons of bad breaks. Could easily be 2-1 (and really did win that Bears game).

23. New York Football Giants.

For all the offensive ability this team has, they have had the same problem for years — 20 to 20 they move the ball as well as anyone, but cannot get into the end zone for a MULTITUDE of reasons. Defense has been fine, but late in games, after spending too much time on the field, they wear out. It’s feeling like early ’07 season for Coughlin again. And I am rooting for him to fix it as he did then also.

24. Oakland Raiders.

A couple of embarrassing losses. I’ve picked them in all three games and they barely won the one vs. St. Louis in Week 2.

25. St. Louis Rams.

The Rams actually have signs of life in every game. But Steven Jackson being banged up isn’t going to help their progression.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars.


27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Yes, they’re 2-1, but those two wins were against the worst teams in football and they didn’t even mount any kind of resistance even once the Steelers called off the dogs in Week 3.

28. Denver Broncos.


29. San Francisco 49ers.

I gave them a break after nearly beating the Saints in Week 2, but Week 3’s loss was unforgivable.

30. Cleveland Browns.

They try, but they have more holes than the lies most rappers weave in their bars.

31. Buffalo Bills.

Only escape the cellar because they hung 30 on the Patriots. The Panthers still have only scored 30 points TOTAL through 3 games.

32. Carolina Panthers.

Abysmal team. John Fox needs to come back to New York. They don’t deserve him there.



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