2010 NFL Week 3 Powre Rankings

2010 NFL Week 3 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Brutal week for some teams, and they will noticeably slide — not just because of their performances in Week 2, but because of objective scrutiny of their team personnel and respective coaching staffs. There are a couple of strong teams out there with 0-2 records and a few teams that were overrated going into the season that are looking rather paltry.

Then you have the others who ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE.

1. Indianapolis Colts.
Week 1 was a gaffe. I honestly do not believe they were prepared to play. And the Texans appeared to be extra motivated to open the season at home strongly. Week 2 was more synonymous of the true Colts.

2. Green Bay Packers.
No impressive win yet (and while they took care of business vs. Philadelphia in Week 1, they nearly blew a two touchdown lead in the process), and nothing can be taken from beating Buffalo in Week 2.

3. Houston Texans.
They’re not right now and it is not a fluke. Those of us who have been supporting them the past three seasons know it’s finally their time to shine.

4. New Orleans Saints.
Cannot take away from the 2-0 record by sliding them down, but they have GOT to be the luckiest team I’ve ever seen in 26 years of watching the NFL. And they unequivocably receive more favor from the referees than any team in the NFL. Both their wins were referee-aided.

5. Miami Dolphins.
Beating the Bills is never impressive, but they sure gave the Vikings a nice smack — even if the Vikes are not that good themselves.

6. Kansas City Chiefs.
The Chiefs are not a fluke, either. Romeo Crennel has their defense looking like it did under Gunther Cunningham in the 1990s. Their offense was due to comer around eventually with the additions in the past two drafts and free agency.

7. Chicago Bears.
Give them credit, they’re playing much better on both sides of the ball than I could have ever imagined.

8. Washington Redskins.
The Skins have looked impressive in both games. A late all-world TD catch by Andre Johnson (and a FG in OT) was what kept the Skins from starting 0’10 at 2-0.

9. San Diego Chargers.
Week 1’s loss wasn’t a bad one, the Chiefs are a team on the rise. And I darn near picked the score exactly right (even down to how quickly they would run out from the start) with their dominant win
versus Jacksonville in Week 2.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Break up the Bucs! Coach Morris knows what he’s doing. All the people who were using thinly-veiled epithets to disparage the man after one season (with Gruden’s leftover scrubs at that) need to eat the crow.

11. New York Jets.
Their Week 1 loss wasn’t bad. And they thoroughly dominated New England in Week 2.

12. Baltimore Ravens.
Totally shut down by the Bengals and Jets in back to back weeks. Their offense can move the ball, but scoring 11 PPG isn’t going to win you many games in this league — even if those 11 PPG were against Top 5 defenses.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers.

14. Cincinnati Bengals.
Week 2 was a little more indicative of their ability — especially defensively, after surrendering nearly 40 to the Patriots in Week 1. They are another one of those teams that wasn’t quite ready to play Week 1.

15. Denver Broncos.

16. New England Patriots.
Some of their many holes (inability to effectively run the ball, and glaring holes defensively) were exposed both in the late comeback attempt by the Bengals and by the Jets in the 2nd half of their Week 2 matchup.

17. Oakland Raiders.
That was more like it (Week 2).

18. San Francisco 49ers.
They’re better than 0-2. They have the best Mike LB in the NFL, a pretty decent receiving corps, and Frank Gore in the backfield. Alex Smith showed flashes of why he was taken #1 overall a few years back. Defensively, I saw the 49ers make some MAMMOTH stands vs. a great offense in Week 2. IMPRESSIVE.

19. New York Football Giants.
Hard to tell where they are. The offensive line looks atrocious. They cannot block anyone’s pass rush — Seubert, O’Hara and McKenzie look terrifyingly old. They do not run block well — Bradshaw’s yards are 90% his own making, Brandon Jacobs did next to nothing in Week 1 aside from one long carry and barely saw the field in Week 2. Defensively, the Giants are closer to their ’07 team than the ’09 team, and schematics and lack of adjustment were what did them in vs. Indianapolis. No cause for panic.

20. Tennessee Titans.
Will be interesting to watch their QB situation, especially after Week 3’s matchup with the Giants.

21. Atlanta Falcons.
They beat up on a bad team in Week 2, but looked pitiful against a short-handed team in Week 1.

22. Philadelphia Eagles.
Too much youth across the board for them. And their coach is making a decision that will cost them the precious 2-3 games in the standings that will be necessary for a wild card berth by benching Michael Vick. They don’t do anything well without Vick in the lineup. They don’t run the ball (Andy Reid fears getting anything close to 50/50 playcalling) and their defense is nowhere close to the 1999-2008 outfits. Although they were resilient vs. Green Bay, they trailed vs. the Lions and then blew a big lead later in the game. The Lions are game, but the up and down play on both sides of the ball are indicative of far too much youth to be counted on.

23. Minnesota Vikings.
They look THIS BAD.

24. Dallas Cowboys.
SO DO THEY. And there are no excuses that can be made.

25. Detroit Lions.
Very resilient bunch. I like a lot of their parts acquired in the past three offseasons. They’ll be a 7-9 win team.

26. Seattle Seahawks.
The Seabags look terrible. Not sure what Week 1 even meant.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars.

28. Cleveland Browns.
They at least have some life.

29. Carolina Panthers.

30. St. Louis Rams.
The Rams had a chance to win both of their games this year.

31. Arizona Cardinals.
Even though they DID win their first game, they are indeed as bad (Derek Anderson PLEASE QUIT) as they looked in Week 2. I doubt they’ll score 20 points until Week 13.

32. Buffalo Bills.


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