2010 NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

2010 NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

M.D. Wright


I always disagree with ESPN, because they have this unwritten thing where they perennially hate the Giants for no reason. So it nullifies the validity of their rankings. They have the friggin’ Packers at #3 and the Giants at #19. #NULLIFIED. So I do mine to parallel theirs every week.

1. Indianapolis Colts.

And it’s not really close. I don’t care about the Saints. They got OD lucky several times last year. The Colts are just LEGITIMATELY GOOD. They were missing several of their top players and their best defensive end was nicked up in the Super Bowl.

2. Dallas Cowboys.

I think they’re the best team in the NFC.

3. New York Jets.

Most of their hype is warranted, but it’s not so much that they’re overrated, but the talk about them is just mad much. Tone it down a bit, ESPN/HBO.

4. Baltimore Ravens.

With Houshmandzadeh in the fold, they are as good as anyone offensively — especially once Stallworth returns following their bye.

5. Minnesota Vikings.

They have a couple of question marks with key players, but a lot of it is overblown. Favre won’t be as sterling as he was last year, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be just as effective in leading them to a division title.

6. New Orleans Saints.

The Vikings were better than them last year, and they are this year.

7. New York Giants.

28 PPG on offense, 18 PPG on defense coming up.

8. Cincinnati Bengals.

I think they’re a step below elite, but can beat anyone with that defense.

9. Houston Texans.

LOOK OUT. This might be that breakthrough year.

10. Atlanta Falcons.

NFC South winners this year.

11. Green Bay Packers.

People are WAY too high on them. Their defense is wildly overrated. But they can score with the best of ’em.

12. San Diego Chargers.

You cannot overlook the fact that Rivers is missing a good portion of last year’s offense from last year — without any real certainty that the replacements will even provide half of the same production. Defensively, they are a sieve. But they have a relatively “easy” slate.

13. Oakland Raiders.

Laugh if you want, but they are gonna win 10 games this year.

14. New England Patriots.

Make or break for them. Randy Moss’ swan song in Foxborough.

15. Miami Dolphins.

They can either go 11-5 or 7-9 and I wouldn’t be surprised.

16. San Francisco 49ers.

The NFC West is theirs to lose.

17. Carolina Panthers.

What a boring, uninspiring team.

18. Philadelphia Eagles.

People are unjustifiably high on Kolb.

19. Tennessee Titans.

Hmmmm… again, that defense is bothersome.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers.

They’re long in the tooth defensively. Just like their cross-state buddies, they’re not intimidating like they used to be.

21. Detroit Lions.

They’re on the rise with some nice pieces in place.

22. Seattle Seahawks.

.500 team at best. Could be as bad as 5-11.

23. Kansas City Chiefs.

I like the young pieces they have on defense, but they have tons of holes, though.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars.

Horribly mediocre, and Garrard hasn’t shown anything that proves he’s going to be any better than that abysmal season from last year.

25. Denver Broncos.

They MIGHT just end up bringing up the rear in the AFC West this year.

26. Chicago Bears.

I have no idea what people see in this team…

27. Arizona Cardinals.

Talk about going “THUD”. They were as high as 4 in my rankings just 9 months ago.

28. Washington Redskins.

Not saying they’ll finish here RECORD-WISE, but that team is in shambles. And this Haynesworth debacle just makes them look bad. I was being nice in saying they might go 7-9 or 8-8, but they can very well have the same record from last season (4-12) and I won’t be surprised.

29. Cleveland Browns.

Spots 29-32 are virtually interchangeable, really. It’s like the Illinois Pick 6 on WGN every week. Expect me to type them in some order of these same four teams every week ha.

30. Buffalo Bills.

What an eyesore this franchise is from top to bottom.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneeers.

I’m going to continue to give them “INCOMPLETE” grades until Morris actually has “his guys” in there. He played with mostly Gruden’s guys last year.

32. St. Louis Rams.


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