(One Of) My 2010 NFL Fantasy Football League Teams

(One Of) My 2010 NFL Fantasy Football League Teams

M.D. Wright


This is one of my four Yahoo! leagues with young Silas Ugorji serving as commissioner.

I did a few unorthodox things this year, given that this is a new league for me. My oldest league is 5 years and I will feature my best team on that one.

But since we have defense on this league as well, I had to draft a bit differently. Here are my players (starters first):

QB – Eli Manning, NYG
Eli won’t have any problem putting up similar numbers from last year (4,000+ yards and 27 TD), he has tons of weapons and the running game will be fine this year.

RB – Steven Jackson, STL
On a terrible team, and even with a stacked box, he’ll get 1,500 yards as usual.

RB – Brandon Jacobs, NYG
Jacobs was hurt all last year, unbeknownst to people who only look at highlights, standings and listen to the idiot talking heads on ESPN and NFL Network. He’s healthy now and so is the offensive line. 1,100 yards, 12-15 TDs are in order.

WR – Steve Smith (Steve-12), NYG
Probably won’t get 107 catches or whatever he had last year, but he’ll get 85+ and about 8-10 TD.

RB – Beanie Wells (The optional), ARZ
Feature back for the Curds.

TE – Brandon Pettigrew, DET
Sleeper pick. Stafford, Pettigrew, Smith/Best and Young Megatron can be great.

WR – Terrell Owens, CIN
Carson has a chemistry with him already.

DE – Justin Tuck, NYG
Tuck’s healthy. Enough said.

DE – Andre Carter, WSH
11 sacks last year. Haynesworth manning two gaps in the 3-4 means room to roam for Orakpo and Carter.
WR – Devery Henderson, NO
Sleeper. Brees has so many targets, he won’t get 80 catches or 1,200 yards, but he gets enough as a bench guy and a few TDs.

SS – Adrian Wilson, ARZ
Steady player. Got 5 picks last year. Why not again this year? He’s one of the best safeties (and the best SS) in the league.

LB – Brian Urlacher, CHI
Is he healthy? Who knows? If not, he’s not starting anyway, so I can make this work when I need to sub in for Carter (since he may be a LB for the ‘skins at times).

K – Kris Brown, HOU
The Texans score a ton.

QB – Kyle Orton, DEN
He’ll at least start half the season. Eli never misses games, so if for no other reason, I can start Orton the week that Eli has his bye ha. Orton got 3,800 yards last year SOMEHOW.

WR – Golden Tate, SEA
Young Golden. I just really think this kid is gonna be a stud. He was drafted to fill the void left by Burleson. He’ll have every chance to prove himself early on.

WR – Vincent Jackson, SD
He’s not gonna miss any games. For one, he doesn’t want to lose potentially two years of free agency (1 by sitting out in a holdout this year, and another next year in a potential lockout), so he’ll either sign the tender that Chargers’ GM AJ Smith is nearly forcing him to sign like a mobbed up union boss, or he’ll get cut and play elsewhere. Either way, he’s gonna put up big numbers.

TE – Jermaine Gresham, CIN
Carson’s favorite non-WR target. This is gonna be huge.

RB – Marshawn Lynch, BUF
Healthy? Off suspension? He’ll get carries, even though Fred Jackson and young CJ Spiller will get their fair share also.

WR – Kenny Britt, TEN
He’s Vince’s guy.

LB – Aaron Maybin, BUF

K – Jeff Reed, PIT
Steelers score a lot also, believe it or not.


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