Hiring Practices/Finding Jobs

Hiring Practices/Finding Jobs
M.D. Wright

I got into a discussion with some cats on ESPN’s message board over an article that LZ Granderson wrote for ESPN a few days ago. It prompted me to speak about something that has been simmering in my gut for months. It is regarding the hiring (or non-hiring) practices of companies nowadays and the layered obstacles that are put in place to ensure that the status-quo is not further ruffled.

Most of you reading my blog know me personally and have known me for years. I am not one to pull the vaunted “Race Card”. I don’t pull it at all. But I DO speak on things that are true and exist, especially when I observe them first-hand or at least watching someone else experience them.

“Diversity” has a pretty singular, cut and dry meaning. But in the United States, population approximately 310 million, 61% White (of any “race”), it cannot be applied evenly; especially without someone or a group of people feeling slighted when it comes to solely addressing merits.

Everyone feels it, not just White men or Black men, or Asian women or anyone else who sharply benefits or gets neglected equally as sharply by the repercussions of diversity in action.

The fact remains that Whites comprise the majority of the population. Last count, about 61% of those 310 million citizens of the United States. Blacks of any race comprise about 13% and Latinos comprise about 21%. Everyone else is either a mixture of one of the above (by their own admission or delusion — and yes, I’m talking about you clowns who are DARKER THAN ME who claim to be “Indio” or White — SOMEHOW — but that is another column for another day) or Asian, Native American, etc. So the whole idea of diversity is going to leave someone or several someones feeling slighted at the end of the day. I accept this, and knowing this (and having conducted research about this from a sociologist’s standpoint as an undergraduate student, I am not naive enough to solely say “hey, just another instance of The Man holding us down”. Those who don’t know better and feel they were passed over for a job they were more than adequately qualified for will be quick to say this (or cry “reverse racism”). And to an extent, I cannot blame them, especially if they do not know better.

However, let’s look at it this way:

I hear people say “oh, just give the job to the most qualified person based upon merit”. No, it’s not that cut and dry, unfortunately. We don’t live in a Utopian society minus biases, prejudices, buddy systems and organizations that ensure that they take care of one another first — with utter disregard to the ability of the new hire beyond fraternal/sisterly organizational bonds.

And the “why can’t the best qualified person get the job?” argument doesn’t fly. You know if you were part of the minority, you wouldn’t feel that way.

Put 100 people in a room. All went to college and got a degree in business/finance and let’s say they all got MBAs in different business concentrations. They’re equally qualified. LET’S SAY THAT GOING IN.

Now, out of the 100 people, you’re going to have a breakdown based upon the actual population statistics of the US.

61 Whites, 31 women, 30 men.
21 Latinos, 11 women, 10 men.
13 Blacks, 8 women, 5 men (and in the workplace, more like 11 women, 2 men — more on that in a second).
5 of everyone else, 3 men, 2 women.

Based upon the given information, how do you figure that the “best qualified” person gets the job? When Whites outnumber everyone going in by at LEAST a 3:1 ratio. It’s just like the ping pong balls at the draft, Whites are going to stand a better chance of being selected off statistics alone. There MUST be initiatives in place to ensure people like me (educated just as my peers are, no job offers whatsoever) don’t get overlooked — NOT because of racism; because I don’t believe it is as rampant as it may seem, but because of MERE STATISTICS that exclude Blacks/Latinos.

And in the workplace today, the Black people you DO see are women, for the most part. Black men are being systematically phased out of the workplace, because they are “threatening”. Women across the board generally aren’t perceived as such.

Let me know what you think.



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