What Constitutes A “Nice Ass”?

What Constitutes A “Nice Ass”?
M.D. Wright

I’ve heard so many guys use this phrase. I’ve seen White guys lose their MINDS saying “LOOK AT THAT NICE ASS!” and the chick is flat as a board. @_@ And I’ve seen guys lose it over a chick who really had an ass for the ages. Some of the guys on here know what I am talking about ha. I was on 45th Street and 5th Avenue on Saturday standing on a line for the X10 bus. This Italian chick (she had stripper written all over her) walks up while I am smoking my Cloves and she had a body for the ages. This Black dude comes by on his Burnout Boost Mobile and stops in the middle of his conversation and says “G– DAMN SON!!!” then looks at me as I just laughed and shook my head in agreement/approval.

Simply put, a Nice Ass MUST have certain features — otherwise, calm your ass down.

1. It must have curvature.
2. It CANNOT be concave; it must be convex in shape.
3. It CANNOT be “tucked under” (you know what I’m referring to).
4. It cannot be full of nasty dimples/cottage cheese.
5. It must at the very least tuck even if your pants/skirt isn’t tight. That is, when you are wearing spandex or tight jeans, there has to be that crease at the bottom of the gluteus maximus where the hamstring meets.


That is all.



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