Who’s Got Your Back/What’s REALLY Good?

Who’s Got Your Back/What’s REALLY Good?
M.D. Wright

Sometimes I really wonder about people.

God gave us family FIRST. Before the church, before friends, before auxiliary boards, before clubs, greek organizations and secret society organizations. What have you. Some of us are blessed with family who are supportive in whatever we aspire to do. As long as we give our best, their support is unconditional — regardless of the result. Even some will applaud you even if you half-ass things ha.

But there is something I have been wondering over the years; because I’ve witnessed it in my own situation:

How is it that the very people (this does not necessarily mean parents, nor does it exclude them, but it is not limited to any level of “family”) who should have your back and be touting and doting upon you will go out of their way to brag on the accomplishments of someone in their church (especially the pastor’s kid, or the deacon’s dog or what have you, for instance) or one of their friends on the job — all day long, but when it comes to some members of their own family, who are accomplishing great things, even if they’re not being brought to the light just now — only receive a grunt or even silence when they should be garnering applause and more encouragement and support than anyone else?

Just a thought in my head.

You guys know me, I observe people all day long, I deal with dozens on a personal level daily in this real estate thing, and as a sociologist… well, you know how we do.



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