Integrity: What Is It?

Integrity: What Is It?
M.D. Wright

What is Integrity? Do we even know anymore? Do we even see it exhibited anymore? Nowadays, in this world of self-indulgence, self-gratification, have-it-your-way-or-the-highway, instant gratification, do-what-thou-wilt, putting yourself ahead of others and “DOING YOU”, people feel more and more inclined to make claims that they will do this, that and the third, and never follow through. Whether they just flat out don’t do it, make up a million excuses, tell boldfaced lies or what have you, everyone it seems makes a living off creating false alibis just to get out of doing something they don’t want to do. Good intentions does not equal integrity. Good intentions are just that — GOOD INTENTIONS. Minus the legwork, who really cares?

There are places in this world that if you make a pledge to do something and renege, you lose a finger or a hand, sometimes worse. Do we really need to bring that to the United States? At the rate it’s going, we ought to consider putting that on the books.

Or maybe it’s just me…


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