Entrepreneurs Wanted

Entrepreneurs Wanted
M.D. Wright

Quite plain and simple note here.

Yes, I want to reach out to those who are available to sit down, hash out ideas, brainstorm and most importantly, WRITE OUT THOSE IDEAS/PLANS. I’ve been around enough talkers. I’ve been around a FEW doers, because I’ve started three businesses now since I was 18, but I am ready to make a leap. Let’s do it. I don’t care if you don’t live in New York. Obviously, if you do, it makes it easier for us to interface, but even for those who don’t, there’s Skype, there’s blogs, there’s webpages, there are a multitude of ways for us to interact and bounce ideas off one another. This isn’t 1995, we’re in “0’10” and it’s time to use this technology to break down the barriers in communication and business networking, not allow the barriers to still stand.

My contact information is as follows:

Email: mdwright718@hotmail.com
Phone: 917.687.0199
Skype: esquire212
AIM: negritochulo1979
Twitter: esquire212
Facebook: Michael D. Wright

I am also on foursquare and LinkedIn, for those who use those services as well.

Let’s make 0’10 THAT YEAR.



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