My Take On The Obamacare Bill

My Take On The Obamacare Bill
M.D. Wright

I don’t want to go on a long spiel or even sound like I am bashing Obama, because contrary to widespread belief, I really have no animus towards the guy and not criticizing him any more than any other President or (s)elected official. But I feel as though I need to preface everything I am going to say so that my readers — that is, those who actually read what I say and don’t jump to useless conclusions because their emotions got involved — can maintain focus and keep my comments within the proper context.

As an imperfect Christian, I am speaking out, rather than judging. So when I speak about the events of the past 18 months, I have become very reflective of what has taken place in the White House, Washington in general and the Upper West Side/Harlem (Charlie Rangel’s district, which of course is my playground). I don’t make personal attacks or hurl insults or baseless allegations at President Barack Obama nor anyone else for that matter.

But let’s dissect things further.

You can believe what you want to believe — and I FULLY respect that. But also, respect my stance as well.

I don’t care whether Obama is a Christian or not. That is the least of my concerns. No, I am not a liberal, nor a Democrat — nor am I a Republican, but I am conservative and an Independent. I don’t particularly care for his policies.

Coming from the biblical standpoint, I’m looking at the end times and what the Lord says will happen in these last days. If you are not a Christian and don’t consider yourself a part of the Body of Christ — I’m not condemning you, nor dismissing what your faith consists of. You all know me too well and I have friends from over 75 countries and many faiths and so forth, so you already know what it is.

But the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, disasters, and the coming of the anti-Christ system of government. The way it was described in the Bible (without going into a sermon — unless you want me to ha) mirrors what is SWIFTLY taking place before our eyes over the past decade and DEFINITELY since 2008.

People think Obama is about change, but while that is disputable, we need to point out one FACT:


Your vote doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. This Democrat vs. Republican thing is all an act and they’re all in bed together. They represent the Oligarchy and do not ultimately care about you Average Joes at the local level. People getting up in arms about this Healthcare Reform Act need to get a grip on reality. Especially supposed/purported Christians and Black people. These Washington cats are laughing at you. You took the bait — hook, line and sinker. You bought into the whole race thing — as the media (which is a vehicle for said Oligarchy) played it up over the past few decades; especially with the liberal agenda that is at work. Media and political correctness makes (SOME) people who aren’t Black feel guilty about being racists or labeled as such nowadays.

Think about it.

Look at who voted for Obama and who supports him and then the policies that are at work now:

Most of the White people who voted for Obama are either extreme liberals or were voting against the incumbent, which is the status quo.

Most Black and Latino voters voted for Obama because he looks more like them (and Blacks unconditionally voted for him because he is [whatever “percentage” Black you deem him ha]) and gave a pass to what have been historically hot-button issues within these communities such as abortion and gay marriage.

Which leads me to the group who I am most upset with — CHRISTIANS.

For one, how are you acting oblivious to what is going on and CALL YOURSELF A BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN? Do you ever crack open your Bible ha? Do you think hiding your head in the sand and hoping and crying “staaaaap” like a 6 year old is gonna make it go away ha? DEAR GOD people get me tight when this legislation is clearly steering us toward being controlled and enslaved by an increasingly larger and wider-ranging government. Somehow so many of my Black brothers and sisters, some of whom are purported Christians, seem to not have a problem with this.

RFID microchips MANDATORY?
You don’t accept the REQUIRED healthcare and end up in a FEMA camp being treated who KNOWS  how foul?

Like one of my friends said, I am not accepting any mark of the beast, even if it carries a death penalty. I’m dying for what I believe just like anyone else who does, if need be.

I called it in 2006 when they passed that credit card legislation. It went largely ignored, which is startling, because it affected just as many people as healthcare does. Your minimum payments went from the greater of a calculated percentage or a certain dollar amount (depending on your creditor).

For instance (you all know me, so I have nothing to hide, and good luck trying to use any personal information against me that I may happen to dispense, anyway), one of my credit cards had a monthly payment of $220 up until January 2006. I was doing good financially up until then as you all know. I had savings for over a year after leaving Aetna a few months prior, but this was the beginning of the end as I knew it for me. My minimum payment TRIPLED in February that year, as of February 1. I was devastated. So needless to say, with a $540 car payment, $90 insurance, $90 phone, a myriad of other business/credit expenses, TUITION/ROOM AND BOARD OUT OF POCKET and now the largest of my credit cards netting me a $660/mo. bill, it was about to turn real ugly VERY quickly. I tried to warn people, but somehow not many people talked about how this credit card legislation affected them.


Fast forward to November 2008 and President-Elect Obama is waxing Robin Hood and it sounds good. I’m no hater, if I were naive and actually thought for a second that the 30,000 ultra-powerful people in this world who control all forms of media and more importantly, WASHINGTON, were going to allow someone to make promises to uproot the establishment (said 30,000, essentially) and the existing power structure — looting them for their riches to feed to the poor who mostly “voted” for him, then I would’ve been there crying and falling out in the street in front of the State Office Building in Harlem like so many were. I couldn’t really get into the fact that he was the first Black president. What weighed in my mind more heavily was the U.S. was done for good as we knew it. There is no going back. But I don’t place the blame at Obama’s feet. He’s just the new (Black) face of the coming world system. It was timed perfectly, because of how we have been ultra-sensitized (a bit) with race issues, and people wanting to feel good for “making history”. I really wanted to know why most Black people under 40 voted for Obama. I’ve yet to find a dozen total who said anything that made any intelligible sense.

All I hear is:

“My President is Black, that’s all I care.”

“It would’ve been more of the same…”

“Bush spent 8 years blah blah blah…”

I’m no Bush supporter, and I don’t support either one of those “parties” (they’re all one in the same for you neophytes who still don’t get it). Hell, the MAIN reason we’re in this mess in 2010 are the policies instituted under Clinton’s watch and, in some instances, the philosophies and policies of both Bush presidents and Reagan before them. No partisan talk here, they can fling mud all day, but they’re equally culpable for where we are right now. NAFTA, more than anything else, is the single-most reason why so many people are unemployed in the United States today. If you disagree, you shouldn’t be  trying to discuss politics. Is that Obama’s fault? NATURALLY NOT. He was doing grassroots work in Chicago when it was done. Heck, hadn’t he just left Columbia just before this? In reality, Bush 41 was just as on board with NAFTA as Clinton was with his vehemency in passing it once he became President. Sound familiar? My reason for bringing all of this together is that people suggest that I’m bashing Obama, but most of them didn’t care nor know (and many still DON’T) much about politics until Obama came to the forefront, meanwhile, I’ve been studying, watching the news (keenly remember watching the Ollie North trial on the evening news every night for what seemed like FOREVER back in the 80s) and going to the polls since ’84. When “Jesse” was trying to do what Obama did, I saw him in Henderson, NC campaigning. In ’88, I went with my parents to the polls and (for those who know me, I’ve always been studious — find any number of photos of me even far back as age 5 or before and I had a book or newspaper in hand) read the poll slips. We watched the ’88 election between Dukakis and Bush and it went into the wee hours of the next morning — people were thinking the world was coming to an end back then, too, I do recall. People thought things were going to get better when Clinton entered office — and to be fair, they really did DURING his time, but what about the after-effects.


I hope you followed that parallel.

But, alas, for those who may not have —

Clinton’s presidency was largely cheered (myself included, I was working, walked into Mickey D’s in Greensboro and got a job on the spot, walked into Kinney Shoes — back when it was still in operation near the World Trade Center — and got a job on the spot opening the first Champs Sports stores in New York during that time, so times were good), but the policies that slipped by the masses are the ones that are just as much responsible for us being in this mess as this façade of a “war” that we are in right now. This Healthcare Reform Act is going to have manifold repercussions, financially, SOCIALLY and on a federal/control level. It, like Clinton’s early policies, looks good on paper and there are enough short-term fixes to assuage the Average Joe’s concerns, but once the chicken comes home to roost and that baby has to be paid off — who’s gonna do it? Social Security is almost CERTAINLY going to be kaput in about 10 years. How can it be paid for and we’re going to be paying for this bill until MY GENERATION’S CHILDREN are 50 (if Christ hasn’t blown this crap to smithereens already by then)???

 No one seems to care, just as long as they have healthcare.

And don’t let me get started on some of the things I’ve seen people type to this point regarding their newfound desire to go to the doctor all of a sudden.

I just hate idiocy. I don’t like when White people discriminate against all others in order to blindly support someone solely because they’re White and likewise I hate it when Black people do it and on down the line. If Bush had proposed the SAME act with the SAME language, these same people would be calling for the White House to be burned down.

You don’t like what I gotta say, go play in peak hour on the LIE.



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