Disturbing Trend

Disturbing Trend
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: Other series will return in March, for now, it is free-writing time.

I don’t remember precisely when this became the “en vogue” thing to do, or even why — but something that annoys me greatly is this phenomenon of people using the first initial of someone’s first name and the first few letters of their last name, hyphenating it, and calling it  a NICKNAME.


How is that a “NICKNAME”? And why do you hear people call someone like R. Humm or D. Gall as if 1) it sounds like something someone would even want to be called and again 2) it is a NICKNAME?

Nicknames are such as these:

Greg “Cadillac” Anderson.
Lloyd “World B.” Free.
Chuck “The Rifleman” Person.
Wayne “Tree” Rollins.
Vernell “Bimbo” Coles.

Can we ever get back to creative and ACTUAL nicknames again? It remains to be seen. But what I hear day in and day out, especially in professional sports makes my stomach churn.


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