Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day

Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: The Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day Returns with an all-time classic annoyance. Stay tuned. There will be a few streaming in the coming days.

Today’s Pet Peeve isn’t even a phrase. It’s a one “word” response to a statement. You already know what I’m thinking —


Are you serious? Can you do better please? I’d almost rather you not respond at all ha. I send you a long, detailed message, explaining this, that and the third, or just conversing about something very important and in-depth and alls you can say is “ok”? How many of you get those one-word texts, emails or inbox messages on Facebook and want to chug Castrol afterward, thinking the person was going to elaborate or at least give some feedback to what you were talking about ha?



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