New York Giants All-Time Team

New York Football Giants All-Time Team
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: As we wind down the 2009 NFL Season, I’m hanging on to any semblance of the season that I can by writing about as many topics as I can. This stretch between February and August is always tough (although NCAA hoops, NBA ball and — by July — MLB help assuage those NFL withdrawal pangs). I will ratchet up my writing about everything sports-related in general, but there will be tons of NFL columns coming in the next 2-3 weeks before I immerse fully into college hoops for a solid Six-Week stretch.

The oldest of all the NFL teams, and the only one of the original teams still operating under the same name and in the same region. Eighty five years of history. A tough call on some of these, and yes, the leaner years (1966-1984) will be reflected here. And yes, this list is heavy with players who have played in my lifetime (1979 – present) but I am very much well-versed in Giants’ history. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Head Coach: Bill Parcells
Quarterback: Phil Simms
Quarterback: Y.A. Tittle
Quarterback: Fran Tarkenton
Runningback: Tiki Barber
Runningback: Rodney Hampton
Runningback: Frank Gifford
Fullback: Charles Way
Fullback: Tuffy Leemans
Wide Receiver: Amani Toomer
Wide Receiver: Chris Calloway
Wide Receiver: Homer Jones
Wide Receiver: Ike Hilliard
Wide Receiver: Plaxico Burress
Tight End: Mark Bavaro
Tight End: Jeremy Shockey
Left Tackle: Jumbo Elliott
Left Guard: Jack Stroud
Center: Mel Hein
Right Guard: Chris Snee
Right Tackle: Rosie Brown
Defensive End: Michael Strahan
Defensive End: Leonard Marshall
Defensive End: Andy Robustelli
Defensive Tackle: Keith Hamilton
Defensive Tackle: Jim Burt
Defensive Tackle: Rosie Grier
Outside Linebacker: Lawrence Taylor
Outside Linebacker: Jessie Armstead
Outside Linebacker: Brad van Pelt
Outside Linebacker: Carl Banks
Inside/Middle Linebacker: Sam Huff
Inside/Middle Linebacker: Harry Carson
Cornerback: Phillippi Sparks
Cornerback: Emlen Tunnell
Cornerback: Dick Lynch
Free Safety: Spider Lockhart
Strong Safety: Terry Kinard
Punter: Sean Landeta
Place Kicker: Matt Bahr
Punt Returner: Dave Meggett
Kick Returner: Dave Meggett



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