Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day: 1.23.10

Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day: 1.23.10
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of an ongoing series, this is the next in line for the Pet Peeve Phrase Of The Day.

Today’s Pet Peeve:
(Remember, this is all in fun, people who think I’m being a curmudgeon and complaining need to go play in traffic)

People who say “but uhmm” when attempting to converse, and while I’m there, using the non-word “CONVERSATE” instead of “converse”.
The other phrase that goes with that is the reliance upon filler words such as “like” when not describing a person or inanimate object.

1. “But Uhmm” or “But Uhhhh”.
Usually uttered when the speaker is at a temporary loss of words or cannot formulate their next thought coherently or quickly enough. I’m not the English Nazi by any stretch, but listening to someone speak for 10 minutes straight using those two sounds is very annoying. My professor Dr. Shelly Brown-Jeffy taught me a useful trick when it comes to avoiding the use of filler while speaking —

IF YOU CAN’T FORMULATE YOUR THOUGHTS, JUST PAUSE. Then start back speaking, but for the love of everything sacred, listening to someone speaking like Mike Leach here:

2. “Conversate”.
Where did this come from? People trying to seem articulate and not understanding conjugations? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? I love hearing it the most when the person just KNOWS that it’s the proper manner of speaking. Worse yet, when they try to correct you. I nearly died once when this girl tried to correct me straight up and down that ‘conversate’ is right and ‘converse’ “just doesn’t sound right”.


3. “Like”.
So people are walking metaphors now ha?

Person 1: “Yeah, he’s a like… ummm doctor or somethin”.

Person 2: “But like, isn’t he still in school though?”

Person 3: “You’re right, but his girl was saying that like, he works part time outside of school, too.”

PASS THE MOTOR OIL. Castrol Syntec 10W-30, preferably.



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