Fun Pet Peeves Of The Day

Fun Pet Peeves Of The Day
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: As The Sports Guy, I come across all kinds of funny remarks, misspellings, malapropisms and most notably, people COMPLETELY BUTCHERING TEAM NAMES HA. This will serve as a quick blurb about the latter. Feel free to add any additional common misspellings and butcherings that I may have missed.

Some of my favorites include:


I could’ve sworn they were inaugurated as the “Miami Heat” when the city of Miami was granted an NBA franchise in 1988. But you could’ve fooled me. What I miss???


In the same vein, sounds like some old person from northeast North Carolina that adds an “s” to EVERYTHING, even when it may already be pluralized. I enjoy listening to old people talk sometimes for this reason.

The thing is, I most often hear this from people under 25 ha.

3. Whenever someone just adds an “s” to the CITY that the team plays in.

Example: “The CLEVELANDS” or “The DENVERS”.


4. A lot of teams have abbreviated versions of their names that are used mostly on sports message boards or as shorthand on social networking sites.


a. Minnesota Vikings = VIKES.
Example of fan butchering: “VIKS”.

How do you butcher an already abbreviated nickname ha?

5. This one isn’t really a pet peeve, but when sports fans don’t recognize local/regional nicknames for their teams, it’s kind of funny to me. You all have seen me type some of these, but some of the others are mockings from pronunciations used by journalists and broadcasters that I’ve heard over the years.

Examples of local/regional nicknames:

a. Philadelphia Eagles.
Local usage: “IGGLES”.

b. New York Giants
Local usage: “JINTS”.

c. Just FYI (for those who think Giants fans are a bunch of elitists, the Giants football team was incorporated in 1925, many years after the baseball team with the same name had been incorporated in New York also. The baseball team moved to San Francisco following the 1957 season, but the football team kept their incorporated name. Chris Berman made it popular to say it once again while hosting “NFL Primetime” from 1987-2007.

Whenever you hear us say “The New York FOOTBALL Giants” just remember that’s where it comes from.

d. San Diego Super Chargers.

Example/Local usage: BOLTS. Just a play on the fact that their logo is a lightning bolt. Self-explanatory. The “Super” comes in from their theme song that dates back to 1979, which they still play at home games at Qualcomm Stadium.

Here is a link for that song, which I love, as you all know:

As always, I’m not perfect, and I’m sure I’ve left some things out. FEEL FREE TO ADD.


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