Selfishness: What Purpose Does It Serve?

Selfishness: What Purpose Does It Serve?
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: This will be written in free form, not as a column as usual.

Selfishness. What Purpose Does It Serve? It only has one: to destroy the person who is selfish (and as a by-product, the person(s) they’re depriving while being selfish).

Let us count the ways:

Selfishness causes people to not share when they have an abundance (never mind when they have little and would rather clutch on to that little than share).
Example: A lot of the people I see in Midtown every day.

Selfishness causes people to jump from relationship to relationship and never committing.
Example: Many 18-24 year old females.

Selfishness causes a person to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.
Example: Almost any modern professional baseball player.

Selfishness causes a great majority of the disputes in a marriage, because one or both involved wants their way without compromise.
Example: One wants to shop, fine dine and travel, or the other wants to spend money on ball games and gambling.

Selfishness causes one to think they can go through life without helping others.
Example: Stepping over the homeless, talking about them as if they are less than human and not even offering them a bite to eat.

Selfishness causes people to think they can go through life without the HELP of others and gives way to arrogance.
Example: Those who claim they pulled themselves up by the boot straps to get where they are.

Selfishness causes people to make commitments, break them and justify them all in one breath.
Example: People who get divorced repeatedly, never assess why that is, “swingers”, people who spit and scoff at marriage, while they sleep around and have sex with members of the same sex thinking there is no consequence just because they refuse the marriage commitment.



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