Sports Fans Rules: The Do’s & Don’ts

Sports Fans Rules: The Do’s & Don’ts
M.D. Wright

Most fans operate with a modicum of courtesy, generally. However, you have some fans out there (bandwagon Yankee, Red Sox, Patriots, Steelers fans, for instance) who make it hard for fans of other teams — particularly those who hate the aforementioned teams — to appreciate that team’s success because of the fans. And the sad part is the reality of it all boils down to the loudest talking fans are usually the least knowledgeable; thereby earning an entire fanbase a negative label.

Although ALL Philadelphia teams deserve the label affixed to them ha.

I’ll start with the DON’TS because that’s the real impetus of this column.

Brag about your team winning one or two straight games (NFL) when its nature is to come crashing back to earth the minute you and the rest of the fans of your team get too full of themselves. We hate not seeing or hearing from you for days or weeks (especially if you miss the playoffs or lose a playoff game).

Rub in a loss to a true fan the day of. This ESPECIALLY rings true for those people who like to call, text, show up at one’s house when you haven’t seen, heard or THOUGHT of said person in weeks or MONTHS (in some cases); only to hear them rub it in when your team loses. Have some class. People have been cut (literally and figuratively) over that shit.

Label a fanbase by its loudest fans. Label it by its most knowledgeable fans. (Refer to my blog last year about the characterization of fanbases in the NFL for example:

Talk trash about a team without giving credit with valid points (using specific instances, statistics and calls/non-calls are made). I get sick and tired of fans of teams that aren’t in the NFC East, AL East, ACC Atlantic talking trash when they’re in a different division or CONFERENCE. It’s annoying and classless.

Tear down an opposing team’s player — who is by all accounts great — to spite your friend because your friend is a fan of that team. You can hate a team all you want, even hate the player, but he’s great, he’s great. If he’s great and a jerk, then call him an ass — but admit he’s great. Don’t try to discredit the guy.


If you talk trash to your friends and their teams when they are playing badly, give them credit and props when they win.

Show some respect; you know you don’t want to hear it when your teams lose. At least empathize, even if you hate the team and say things that the other team did well, along with what your friend’s team did well, rather than resort to low-brow “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your guys are frauds!!!” every time your friend’s team loses. That’s bitchassness.

Put bias aside if you want to be taken seriously as a Sports Guy/Gal.

Learn to differentiate between REAL HATE and SPORTS HATE.

Realize that if a player went to a college you absolutely hate (for me, that’s UF, Duke, Notre Dame), all bets are off if he lands on your team.
(ex. Justin Tuck is my favorite New York Football Giant (although Nicks, Bradshaw, T. Thomas, Kenny and Steve 12 are close) and everyone knows this. He went to Notre Dame. Get the point?



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