NFL Week 12 Powre Rankings

NFL Week 12 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Jeff Fisher looks like an idiot for not starting Vince Young out of the gate this year. Besides, Collins hasn’t done anything to prove that he can be counted on in back to back years. In reality, Vince should’ve started the season. The Titans are on a real hot streak, and as always, RECORDS aren’t the tell-tale in the POWER rankings, it is how the team is playing week to week, especially if they are sliding, White Hot or just stagnant.

1. Indianapolis Colts.
They just keep getting it done, even as people continue to try to write them off as “lucky” or their inability/lack of desire to run the ball.

2. Minnesota Vikings.
Every week I say the same thing — it is going to come down to whether Favre or Chilly Willy kill them with INTs/bad coaching decisions, respectively.

3. New England Patriots.
Impressive and dominant win vs. NY Jets in a game the Jets needed to win. There is something to be said about that.

4. New Orleans Saints.
Still overrated. They’re going to lose their first playoff game — and aside from blowing out an overmatched Tampa Bay team, they have been reeling and looking stodgy at best.

5. San Diego Chargers.
This streak they are on is NO FLUKE. They are going to keep it going for about 4 more games also, before resting starters. I did, in fact, pick them to win 13 or 14. 12 is more likely, given how they may give one away late.

6. Arizona Cardinals.
They’re getting on the same page offensively at the right time, but if Warner goes down, so will their ranking, because Leinart absolutely STINKS.

7. Cincinnati Bengals.
Losing to the Raiders is not shameful like it was earlier in the season when Philadelphia did it. The Raiders are actually semi-respectful without Russell turning the ball over 4-5 times a game.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Fading fast. And they may miss the playoffs. So much for their fans talking 16-0.

9. Dallas Cowboys.
Their offense is absolutely atrocious of late and if they don’t fix that in the next two weeks, they will lose their spot in first place in the division and much more. Struggling against the Packers and Skins should not happen.

10. New York Giants.
The Giants avoided choking away the win this week, unlike Week 9. And despite what people say about the offense, they still average 27 PPG. The problem had been the fact that they have been surrendering 30 PPG to the above-stinker teams. They look much more solid on defense with Rouse not giving up big plays like CC Brown and Aaron Ross back to solidify the cornerback tandem. The defensive line also looks live again.

11. Green Bay Packers.
Somehow, they are here. If they could consistently protect Rodgers, who is having an all-world season, they’d be 8-2 or 9-1.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars.
I JUST DON’T GET IT. One man on both sides of the ball (Jones-Drew/Mathis) and they’re 6-4???

13. Philadelphia Eagles.
Struggled as expected vs. Chicago — and should’ve lost — while looking pretty pedestrian minus the big plays, which has been their shortcoming all season.

14. Baltimore Ravens.
One is an accident, two is a concern, three is a trend. FIVE IS WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. The Ravens just cannot close games out and it has killed them in every game they’ve lost. They could VERY REALISTICALLY BE 10-0. No jokes.

15. Miami Dolphins.
Huge win last Thursday, but will they overcome their major injuries to key players?

16. Denver Broncos.
6 fluky wins, 4 losses that are more indicative of what this team is — and it continues Thursday with the Giants coming to town. I picked the Broncos to win 6 games ALL SEASON and they may not win more than 7 — if that.

17. Atlanta Falcons.
Disgustingly average.

18. Tennessee Titans.
They would’ve been better off with Young and Johnson in tandem all year. Teams cannot defend them BOTH all game.

19. Houston Texans.
They are plagued with the same issue that the Ravens have. Shame. I’d love to watch them in the playoffs, but if they don’t finish 5-1, it won’t happen.

20. Carolina Panthers.
They pretty much need to win out to have any shot of making the playoffs. That’s not going to happen with games against the Saints and Giants, amongst others, left on the slate.

21. San Francisco 49ers.

22. New York Jets.
Sanchez has cost the Jets single-handedly in 5 of the Jets’ 6 losses DEAR GOD.

23. Oakland Raiders.
The Raiders SHOULD be able to build upon this next year.

24. Chicago Bears.
The Bears are that team that when they have another team’s number (in this case, Philly) they look halfway competent, but otherwise — SHEESH.

25. Kansas City Chiefs.
Again, I’ve been saying all year, once this team molds and matures WATCH OUT.

26. Washington Redskins.
Losing both their top RBs might cause them to get blown out of several of their remaining 6 games.

27. Seattle Seahawks.

28. Buffalo Bills.
Wasted effort by Terrell Owens.

29. Detroit Lions.
Huge win. Of course Stafford gets hurt after his 26-43, 422 yard-5 TD performance.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
What is going on with this team. They’ve fired both of their coordinators and the season is only 2/3 over ha.

31. St. Louis Rams.
It’s Steven Jackson and nothing else. Bulger is hurt YET AGAIN.

32. Cleveland Browns.


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