NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings

NFL Week 11 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Here it is, raw:

1. Indianapolis Colts.
Anymore questions? Half their defense is on IR or got injured against a very good Patriots team and they still showed the resolve to come back and win (with help from Bill Einstein).

2. Minnesota Vikings.
Vikes fans are just hoping Chilly Willy’s coaching and Playoff Favre don’t surface.

3. Cincinnati Bengals.
Do you believe now???

4. New Orleans Saints.
Should’ve lost Sunday and should’ve lost 3 other games. They’re fortunate to be 9-0. They have first round playoff loss written all over them and Brees has looked very average of late.

5. Arizona Cardinals.
They are on the move.

6. San Diego Chargers.
I predicted they’d start slow and begin their march around Week 7. They’ve done just that. They probably won’t lose again until the last week of the season when they’re resting starters.

7. New England Patriots.
Their defense showed me a bit, but their offense is very one-dimensional. If teams learned how to get a bump on Wes Welker, they would never move the ball — but no one does it.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Yeah, 10-6, 11-5 and first round out.

9. Dallas Cowboys.
Kind of figured Romo was in for a stinkbomb one of these days. Did not expect them to nearly get shut out in the process, however.

10. New York Giants.
Can conceivably win 6 out of their last 7 games — smallish Atlanta, reeling Denver, playing for a split with Philly, potentially sweeping/taking care of Dallas at home (could be the only loss), Washington, surging-but-inferior Carolina and resting Minnesota (which should be a win, consequently). Salvaging a 12-4, 11-5 season after a month of TERRIBLE football would do wonders for their playoff hopes.

11. Baltimore Ravens.
They need to continue with the momentum they’ve built up and learn how to close out games.

12. Houston Texans.
We will know whether they make the playoffs after their Monday Night Football game coming up.

13. Philadelphia Eagles.
Very average team when teams take away their big plays.

14. Atlanta Falcons.
Smallish, doesn’t travel well, can’t take them seriously.

15. Green Bay Packers.
What are they?

16. Denver Broncos.
I’ve been saying all year they aren’t as good as their record.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars.
THIS menagerie can actually make the playoffs all of a sudden?

18. San Francisco 49ers.
Should be 6-3 at the very least.

19. Carolina Panthers.
BIG GAME coming up versus Miami this week. We will know if this recent streak is for real or not.

20. Miami Dolphins.
Something wrong with the Florida teams and consistency (or even playing well at all — Tampa) because the Fins are as hard to get a grasp on as the Jaguars.

21. New York Jets.

22. Tennessee Titans.
Hmmm… I predicted Vince would play when he did, but I didn’t think they were going to be winless when he finally got into the starting lineup. I knew he would have this effect on the team, however. What if they had done this 2-3 weeks sooner?

23. Chicago Bears.

24. Washington Redskins.
They have a chance to make a move, and at the very least, ruin playoff chances for their NFC East counterparts. Good win by them Week 10.

25. Kansas City Chiefs.
Getting rid of Larry Johnson will do wonders for them.

26. Oakland Raiders.

27. Seattle Seahawks.
The Seabags are an eyesore and a train wreck wrapped up into one.

28. Buffalo Bills.
Firing Dick Jauron might result in a 5 game winning streak GOOD HEAVENS. 7-9, 7-9, 7-9, 3-6???

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Josh Freeman is playing halfway decent very early. NOT expected by me.

30. St. Louis Rams.
It’s Steven Jackson and nothing else. But my oh my how well he runs the rock.

31. Detroit Lions.
They try hard.

32. Cleveland Browns.


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